Game #78: Boston Celtics, like five points or something – Chicago Bulls 97

Drink: Jameson, rocks

Ole Judas Pato was on that new-fangled Twitter for this one, and the above tweet made me lose my shit. For those of you that are not Twitter-hip, when you put a “#” in front of anything, it is like tagging it on a blog… I think. The whole #FuckRondo thing is something Bulls fans are all about these days, along with their baggy pants and that hip-hop music. Regardless, read on, if you must, but that tweet wraps it better than the rest of the words on this post could ever hope to.

If you will notice the drink tonight, you may notice that I was drinking an Irish whiskey while watching the Celtics. This may seem like blasphemy at first, but I will explain. I was working as a double agent tonight, luring the Celts into thinking I was pulling for them, while playing the other side. If you have ever watched a James Bond flick, you would know where I am coming from (“Or, maybe not,” said the Tick.).
The Bulls started out with some poor shot selection in this one, which led to an early Celts lead (probably due to the confidence built up by my drink selection). Shortly after that it looked like the smoke show was on – which it was – but the score hardly reflected that. The Celts are a veteran team, and are able to play that type of ugly ball where they are hanging in, but looked like they should be getting blown out (much like a well trained spy). This worked for a while, until the Bulls decided the Eastern Conference is their’s and Derrick Rose referred to the middle finger posted above while looking like Bond.

There were so many awesome/interesting notes in this game. To recap it, let’s go (Walther PPK) bullet point style:

  • Carlos Boozer blocked the shit out of a Kevin Garnett (AKA Ernst Stavro Blofeld) dunk. Yup, that was not a typo.
  • TNT hates any form of controversy (Cold War cover-up?). This is hardly anything new, but it was rather ridiculous how they would never replay foul calls. There were ever so many cheap fouls that the Celts got (it is amazing how refs constantly buy Garnett’s bullshit), that never saw a replay.
  • The whole NBA Green stunt is awful looking. Why exactly do players wear completely comfortable warm-ups, only to throw ugly NBA Green shirts over them?
  • In my notes, I wrote, “KG is a bitch.” I am not sure what I was referring to, but it is always true.
  • I really liked the use of Kurt “Sergeant Murtaugh” Thomas by Thibs. This is the kind of match-up that KT is perfect for, translation: a slow down-low opposing team. (He is the Felix Leiter to Derrick Rose’s… that makes no sense.) As brought up by BlogaBull, I wonder if this will be a playoff norm…
  • Danny Glover’s hard fouls were tits! (Yep, up is down, left is right, and I just complemented Kurt Thomas twice in one post.) Playoff basketball is right around the corner, and it is time to make players feel their fouls.
  • Rasual Butler hit a late three. That is how great this domination was, Rasual f’n Butler was not only in there, but nailed a three.

I am fighting the urge to speak too soon, but this game looked to be a passing of the torch. The Celts are done, and this conference is the Bulls to take. The only real problem I had with this game was that the Celts look like they are going to get beat by the Heat in the Semi Finals, meaning that the Bulls will meet Miami in the Conference Finals (am I getting ahead of myself?). I would much rather see the Celts in the playoffs than the Heat, for three reasons. #1 I think the Heat are a more explosive/dangerous team. #2 I really want to see the Bulls lay the Celts to waste in the post-season. #3 James Bond had no business taking down SPECTRE in Thunderball, yet he was still able to defy all odds and bring those bastards down!

Oh yeah, if there was any question about the MVP conversation, I think Rose’s 30 point, 8 assist effort on national TV put that to rest. Hazah! The icing on the cake was the pre-game talk about the Celts wanting this game more than the Bulls. That worked out well.

Up there with Photo of the Year. How bad is your game if Carlos Boozer makes you look like a bitch on defense?

And, of course, what else could this night deserve, other than:

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3 Responses to Game #78: Boston Celtics, like five points or something – Chicago Bulls 97

  1. “I Arthur.” Can’t argue with that.

    By the by, that is an amazing Thunderball poster. I have a framed Life magazine cover promoting the movie in my office, but all too often I forget where to look. A poster like that would be helpful.

  2. Judas Pato says:

    I knew one person would get that reference. And you did it! Thanks.
    As far as the poster goes, it is really a shame that those amazing adverts are no longer common. I can care less what the movie is, if it had a similar poster, I’d probably give it a watch.

  3. goodluckjanine says:

    Smoke Show!

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