Game #77: Phoenix Suns 94 – Chicago Bulls 97

Drink: Gin & Soda with Lime

The Bulls led this one by as many as 22 points in the third quarter, only to squeak out a win in the last minute of the game. It was an ole noodle scratcher.

The Suns got off to a hot start tonight, rotating the ball well and hitting some open shots. Truth be told, they moved the ball around well most of the game. It certainly helps when you have Steve Nash starting at the point, backed up with Aaron Brooks (probably the best backup point guard in the league – without putting too much thought into it). And it is this movement that would get them into trouble later.

Boozer trying to sneak the ball past by the Polish giant Gortat.

Carlos Boozer was hot early on, shooting, passing, and rebounding – C Booz did it all! Derrick Rose was having trouble hitting shots and even just holding onto the ball. Unit: DJ TrainWreck was solid coming in to start the second. They expanded the lead and looked comfortable on both ends of the court. The third opened up and it looked as if the Bulls can do no wrong, leading by as many 22 points.

Then it seemed as if the Bulls just got lazy. Play was sloppy as the Bulls closed out the third, or rather, when the third was closed out on them. When the fourth started, UDJTW did not gather any of that great play they showed in the second (no Omer, what gives?), and as the starters came back in they were battling to keep the lead.

In the end, the Bulls were able to hold on, and keep enough composure to win. Hoorah. On the plus side, Joakim Noah bounced back from injury with 12 points, four rebounds, and four assists in 28 minutes. Additionally, his spacing with Boozer looked much improved. Luol Deng said after the game that it was a good experience for the team because they are going to have similar situations come playoff time. Hm. I suppose. Yet, it really seems like the Bulls are really taking lesser opponents too lightly as they are attempting to secure the best record in the East (and possibly the league). We shall see exactly where their head is at as the Celtics come calling Thursday night at the UC, which may very well be an Eastern Conference Final preview. Stay Tuned!

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