Note Bulljive

  • Joakim Noah (ankle) practiced with the team today. He and Thibs are hoping that he will be able to go tomorrow against the Phoenix Suns. Noah was able to give some insight into the situations by saying, “Injuries are something that really suck.” Thanks, Jo.
  • Carlos Boozer missed practice with an undisclosed illness. We can only assume it was giant-studded-watch related.
  • UPDATEVILLE 4/5/11: Both Noah and Boozer are expected to play tonight.
  • When watching Friday night’s game against the Pistons, I almost felt sad for Tayshaun Prince and Richard Hamilton. Here were two great competitors, in the downslope of their careers, playing for a disaster of a team. Then I thought back to the 2007 Easter Conference Semi Finals, when the Bulls got housed by those asses, dropping the first three (the first two of which they got blown out), on their way to 4-2 series defeat. Those guys pissed me off, along with a young upstart Jason Maxiell – who looked like a solid, emerging stud (I guess I missed the boat on that one). So, yeah, screw you, Rip and Prince. You had yours, it is time for ours.
  • It was confirmed today that Dennis Rodman will be entering the Hall of Fame. He will be going in with the one-time Bull, Artis Gilmore and former Bulls assistant, Tex Winter. Congrats, y’all. Three thumbs up for three former Bulls!

    Pictured (with thumbs up), from left to right: Dennis Rodman, Tex Winter, and Artis Gilmore

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Just another hard working member of the press, covering the Chicago Bulls and nonsense - often both, simultaneously.
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