Game #76: Toronto Raptors 106 – Chicago Bulls 113

Drink: Gin & Soda with a Lime

How spoiled have we (or possibly just yours truly) become?! The Bulls grab their 56th victory of the season (more than anyone save DJ HatesYou would have guessed), yet all I want to do is rant about poor defense, a stagnant offense, and low energy. So I won’t. I will keep this positive.

Derrick Rose went off in this game, a game in which he had to because he had little help from the rest of his team, going for 36 points, 10 assists, and three great blocks. And he did this while not getting many calls. In fact, it seems like over the last few weeks, Rose is not getting as many calls. With all of the MVP talk, you would think that he would be getting the superstar calls all over the place. Yet, this does seem to be the case. And boy can Luol cut to the lane. It is a part of his game that he really does not get enough credit for.

Sorry, but what the hell was the defense thinking for most of this one? They gave up the lane early (which with Boozer and KT down low, that is hardly surprising), then they laid off guarding the ‘ol jumper, which the Raptors were more than willing to take advantage of. Screw this, the Bulls won. It was not pretty, they probably should have manhandled this pathetic team, but they won. And that is good.

The Bulls are now a full game ahead of the idle Heat and another half ahead of the Celts. Good times to be a Bulls fan, right? And they have two days off, to work on basic things like defense, passing the ball, and beating teams that are nowhere near their caliber, before their next game.

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