Game #73: Philadelphia 76ers 97 – Los Chicago Bulls 85

Drink: Oreana Happy Face Syrah

“If your enemy is superior, evade him. If angry, irritate him. If equally matched, fight, and if not split and reevaluate. “ – Bud Fox

Well folks just another feather in the cap of all those who were sure that Bud Fox never knew what he was doing in the first place. These two teams  had split the season series 1-1 this year, and unfortunately the 76ers were able to bang out a pretty nifty win despite facing a superior enemy.

Not that this was a VCU-esque win by any means on the part of the 76ers. The first quarter saw some abysmal shooting by just about everyone wearing a Bulls uniform. They were something like 5-20 from the field in the first quarter. Thaddeus Young people? This guy came to play in the first quarter! He lit it up for 17 and only twelve minutes in Philly had built themselves a nice little 27-13 lead. The Bulls slop continued into the second quarter as well. A mini-run towards the end lost some steam as the half closed out 53-37 in Philly’s favor. Qué Lástima Bulls fans! Oh yes, did I mention this game was the final “Noche Latina” event of the year for the Bulls? The “Los Bulls” jersey’s were being rocked in all their glory tonight. Yes we must go over this again unfortunately, because check out this this statement made by Saskia Sorrosa, the “NBA Senior Director of Hispanic Marketing” (no word on the number of Junior Directors of Hispanic Marketing):

“With Hispanics comprising 15 percent of our fan base, we have a responsibility to connect with them in meaningful ways.” Sorrosa later added: “And in order to sell more garbage to that 15% of the fan base, we present ‘Noche Latina.’”

She may not have said that second part aloud, but rest assured it happened. And since I’m probably the only one willing to do the math on this one, let’s work this thing out very quickly and analyze the statement Sorrosa has made. 2010 Hispanic American population estimate = 48.4M. 2010 USA estimated Population = 308,745,538. So 48.4/308.745538 = .156763399. And KABOOM PEOPLE! We know now that the NBA, in presenting “Noche Latina” is merely attempting to catch up with the mean US Latin American population and gain their fan base that extra .6763399% Who knew the NBA was lagging so pitifully far behind the national average? What’s even funnier is that with this statement made by Sorrosa, what the “Senior Director” probably did in all reality was just assume that the NBA demographic mirrors exactly the demographics of the USA. “15% (she rounds down) of the USA is Hispanic? Well then 15% of our fan base must be Hispanic as well!” In other words, a gypsy with an abacus could have done this same exact “research” and come up with something as half-baked as an “appeal to 15% of the nation” night. And the gypsy would have stolen your wallet while he/she/it had both hands on the abacus too. Either way, bad execution by the NBA. Whatever. Moving on.

So finally 29 minutes into this game Stacy King was able to let loose with some of the fantastic homerisms I’ve come to love him for watching these games. Rose had a solid second half that was littered with some incredible plays…….and also a few momentum crippling turnovers.  Elton Brand seems to finally be healthy, and provided a few death blows toward the end, right when the Bulls looked like they were going to pull out another late win. Some poster worthy dunks by the 76ers finished this one out and the Bulls were done.

So, for someone who predicted a 56 win season, I was hoping for a win in the regards that if I’m wrong, they might as well do better than my prediction by a whole lot. This was a game they could have had, but isn’t worth beating ourselves up over. Roll Bull Tide.

Saskia Sorrosa as Bud Fox wonders "Who am I?"

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