Game #69: Sacramento Kings 92 – Chicago Bulls 132

Drink: Chivas Regal Rocks

Some quick math with the final score tells you that the Bulls won by 40 points. What it does not tell you is that… um, actually it tells you most all of the story. The Kings hit a bunch of shots early (including their first nine off three straight three pointers), and that was the only reason they did not lose by 50.

The BK King = Stupendous, The Sacramento Kings = Inane

The problem with the Scaramento Kings begins with their name. How can there be plural kings on one team? By definition, a kingdom is an autocracy. Therefore, it is inconceivable to have a team of kings, unless this is some collation of kings from different lands – which is unlikely, considering they would have to all come from outside the US. Also, any movie ever made that features more than one king trying to work together ultimately ends with them stabbing each other in the back. And if we even begin to consider the idea of “divine rule,” then this whole idea of a “team of kings” just gets really out of hand. Ergo, naming the team as they have, Sacramento has a death wish – which would not be so bad if it was the Death Wish series. I do not think anyone reading this would disagree that watching a bunch of Charlie Bronsons on the court would be far more amusing than the current line-up of “Kings” (and I argue that a team of Bronsons is as likely as a team of divine rulers).

A wicked reverse dunk was the result of this photo. Note the bad-ass framing of the retired numbers (Sloan, Love, & Jordan) at the top.

This game reminded me of the good old days of the Jordan era, when winning was such a formality that it became almost boring. (Hell, most of the playoff series during that time were even boring.) Yet, we are still not at that point, so the late Omer Asik dunk fest was awesome. Before that time came, we were treated to a couple of choice Derrick Rose throw-downs – including Derrick’s first successful reverse two-hand slam of the season. It was not just jams, as the ball was spread around well all game long. And it was not a one-star effort; everyone was involved (with all starters in double-digits – under limited minutes – and 8 Bulls with 10+ points overall). Although, it makes it easy when everyone is hitting, as the Bulls shot 61.3% from the field and 70.6% from the flippin’ arc!

The Bulls starters also got some rest, which is key considering they have to travel to the ATL for tomorrow’s contest against the Hawks. The Bulls will certainly be looking to avenge their monumental blown lead in the Dirty, Dirty that began this month of March. If that were not motivation enough, Boston came back from a worthless second-half Knicks team tonight to remain tied with the Bulls for the lead in the East.

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2 Responses to Game #69: Sacramento Kings 92 – Chicago Bulls 132

  1. BethAnnimal says:

    Could they all be married to a polygamist Queen?

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