Note Bulljive


  • Omer Asik had the game of his young career last night, going for 11 points, 16 rebounds, and one rake to the face.
  • With a win tonight against the Indiana Pacers, your Chicago Bulls would become the first team in NBA history to sweep its division in the regular season. Yes, I know, most of the teams in the Central would be better fit playing in the NCAA tournament this time of year, but the Bulls face a challenge tonight in order to pull it off. On top of being the second of a road back-to-back for Chicago, the Pacers are fighting for the last playoff spot in the East and were able to beat the Knickerbockers twice in a row (before dropping a game in Boston). And with Carlos Boozer likely to miss, the Bulls will be playing down a starter as well.
  • A bronze bust of Scottie Pippen will be unveiled at halftime on April 7th, when the Bulls take on the Boston Celtics. The bust’s final home will be on the concourse of the main level of the UC, until Pippen will inevitably try to sell it. The same artists, Omri and Juli Robtlatt-Amrany, who sculpted the Jordan statue that resides outside Gate 4, designed the bust.
  • Below is the new Adidas ad, featuring Derrick Rose, Lionel Messi, and Katy Perry. The ad is a mash-up of clips (none longer than a blink), set to a pop beat, and is perfect for the short attention span that MTV has taught to America’s youth. There is no plot or story other than Rose and Messi are really good, while Katy Perry is – wait, why is she in this thing? Oh yeah, Perry is hot. I assume the fans clad in red and charging the court are suppose to be Bulls fans, but the clip is from a Wisconsin Badgers game. So, yeah, Rose + Messi = good, Perry = hot, buy Adidas!

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Just another hard working member of the press, covering the Chicago Bulls and nonsense - often both, simultaneously.
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One Response to Note Bulljive

  1. Touchdown Mollusk says:

    Power to Jomer!

    Asik has been stepping up his game (periodically) this month, which is far more than I expect from any team’s resident Tall White Dunce. I think he’s showing a lot of improvement this year.

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