Game #67: Chicago Bulls 84 – New Jersey Nets 73

Drink: Guinness (mainly, but a whole lot of other beers were in the mix)

I feel so strong right now I could ride the Hell-City Bus.

I will be honest here (for those who are not calendar-hip), today was St. Patty’s Day, and I celebrated it as such. Guinness started flowing around noon – which turned into Sierra Nevada, New Belgium, Sam Adams, and on, and on – which translated into me feeling the true modern-day spirit of Saint Patrick. Ergo, I was not exactly sober for this contest. For this review I will write this one unedited, as if I were still downing beers as you read this (I am). I apologize in advance.

Well, hot-damn, Kurt Thomas starts the game again in place of Carlos Boozer, instead of Taj Gibson. Other than Thibs wanting to keep Taj for UDJTW, I have no answer for this move. (It is interesting that the Bulls are wearing the greens on the road. You would think that from a marketing perspective, every team would sign on for green jerseys.) The Nets were hitting shots early, while the Bulls were not getting the rolls on their shots, which meant an opening lead for NJ. The Bulls went to the bench early, filtering the reserves quicker than usual. This led to the very rare appearance of Jomer – which was ever-so brief. The Bulls made a late surge in the quarter, grabbing the lead, and finishing up 24-20.

Unit: DJ TrainWreck was doing it up right to start the second, holding the Bulls lead while playing their expected D. Does anyone have a quicker shot than Korver? Does anyone need more screens than Korver? Regardless, his shot is fun to watch. Yet, there was little O to watch in this quarter. Instead their was a bunch of confused offensive sets. Joy! The Bulls were up by seven at the half

The third opened sluggish. It is rare that someone hears as much rim as I heard in the beginning of the third. Both sides started the second half by abusing the rim, and not that friendly net-part in the middle. Rose started to get it going, trying to make the most exciting assists possible, but the assistee was not being cooperative. Scoring was at a premium in this one, so much so that the Nets hit 50 points at the two-minute mark this quarter. Hm.

The Nets EXPLODED for a few points to start off the last frame. Hold up, the Nets kept bringing it and tied the game? What, what, what, what? The Bulls got themselves into a game against the Nets. Huh?! Don’t worry, my friends, Rose and the like got down to business and closed out this one when it mattered. It was not nothing like unpretty, but the Bulls pulled down the W and I drank much more than a 12-pack as I try to get some sleep for what should be a stellar day of work tomorrow.

Ed Note: As much as it is killing me, I will stay true to my word and not edit this post, all in the name of St Patty and his alcoholic ways.

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Just another hard working member of the press, covering the Chicago Bulls and nonsense - often both, simultaneously.
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One Response to Game #67: Chicago Bulls 84 – New Jersey Nets 73

  1. Touchdown Mollusk says:

    I applaud your drunken thoughts, as always. I have no insights or comments, I just wanted to show some support.

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