Game #66: Washington Wizard 79 – Chicago Bulls 98

Drink: Chateau de Nages

So, there’s this wizard…

The Bulls went into this one knowing they were going to be down Carlos Boozer (ankle) and Joakim Noah (yellow fever). On the plus side, their opponent was the Washington Wizards… at home…. with the Bulls on a winning streak… did I mention they were playing the Wizards? There was hardly a better time for two of the Bulls’ five starters to be out than this game, except if they were playing the Wizards. Oh hell, they were playing the Wizards. Jolly good! The Wizards.

I will let you in on a little secret, the first quarter determined the rest of the game. With that said, the Bulls looked great in their green St Patty’s Day jerseys (on the Ides of March). And – sporting a crippled ass lineup – they blew out the Wiz in that afrementioned first. A few early Taj Gibson dunks were followed up with some hot three point shooting. That combined with solid D and a horrible Washington offense – that has no semblance of organization – led to a large Bulls lead. Gibson picked up some early fouls, which turned into bizarro-world when Brian “Michael Rapaport” Scalabrine checked in during the first quarter. Tres Bizarre.

After the large lead, the Bulls defense got a bit lazy, allowing the Wiz to chip into the lead. This lackadaisical attitude toward the game continued off and on until some motivation gathered steam in the third, leading to their offense getting some rhythm back, and making the last frame a formality.

The great/odd thing about this game was that it was not dominated by Derrick Rose. One would think that a 19 point win by the Bulls, sans Boozer and Noah, would be due to a standout performance by the Bulls’ and NBA’s MVP, Derrick Rose. However, this was not the case. It was not even the case that Luol Deng (the only other take-over candidate in the lineup tonight) took over the game. Instead, this was a complete team effort. Hell, you want to know how much of a team effort this was? Keith f’n Bogans had 17 points in this contest!

The only harp I have on this one is that Rose was playing late with an insurmountable lead. Get this: Boozer and Noah missed this one, while Deng was questionable just two games ago, and Rose is in there late in the game with a blowout? No comprende.

With the victory, the Bulls take sole position of first int he Eastern Conference for the first time this season. Irish eyes are smiling, Brute?

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2 Responses to Game #66: Washington Wizard 79 – Chicago Bulls 98

  1. djhatesyou says:

    I heard Rose didn’t even wear the authentic version of the St. Pat’s jersey for the game, he wore his Chinese backup. He regretted the action.

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