Note Bulljive

  • With the Bulls win last night and the Indiana Pacers loss, the Bulls clinched the Central Division (the first division winner this year). I know what you are saying, “But if the Bulls lose the rest of their games and the Pacers win all of theirs, they will have the same record!!!” Calm down, amigo. The division crown has already been secured with the Bulls having already won the season series with the Pacers, thus having the tiebreaker edge. And what does the division banner mean? It means that the Bulls won a woeful division. This team has bigger fish to fry.
  • Early reports on Carlos Boozer say that the x-rays were negative on his ankle, proclaiming it a sprain. The severity of the swelling will be a telling sign on how long the Bulls power forward will sit out. Stay tuned! Can’t say we did not know what we were getting in Boozer. The man has had a history of injuries, and he has tallied three more this season – though this one was hardly anything he could have controlled. UPDATESVILLE: Carlos Boozer is day-to-day and will see if he can go tomorrow against the ATL.
  • Michael Jordan was on hand for the Bulls win last night (as owners are prone to do during home games) and gave Derrick Rose his nod for the MVP. The MVP award sure is a funny little scene of hype. Someone (MJ) says a player (Rose) deserves it and everyone acts like that means something. In a way it does because it builds the hype. And it gets tiresome. And there are still 18 games left. So what? So let’s dance!

About Judas Pato

Just another hard working member of the press, covering the Chicago Bulls and nonsense - often both, simultaneously.
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