Game #61: Los Chicago Bulls 87 – El Miami Heat 86

Drink: Madras

This game was a Latino heritage game, or something. To pay respect to the Latino culture, the NBA decided to put Los and El in front of the Bulls and Heat on the uniforms. Latinos rejoiced around the world. I cried. My dog laughed. An orphan smiled. Why did they not go the extra mile and put, say, “Los Torros”? I don’t Jimmy, I just don’t know.

El game started with a sparsely filled American Airlines Arena, which es understandable, people have to get off of their Sunday morning jobs, rush to el house, pick up el kids, battle rush hour, and somehow manage to make el 1PM start. It es tough business, amigos. Los two teams began with staunch defenses in front of los few people who showed up, except for a few easy transition buckets for El Heat – which tu can hardly blame Los Bulls because El Heat thrive on these opportunities. Miami was definitely focusing on trapping Rose. Our MVP-lock was getting double teamed early and often, and Los Bulls were doing a poor job spreading el ball around (save a few early Noah dunks). After uno quarters, Los Bulls were down by four.

El second started off as El Chris Bosh Show! Wait, huh? Yep, Mr. Bosh was nailing everything. It was all muy bizarre. This combined with Unit DJ TrainWreck’s muy limited offense, led to El Heat expanding their lead to double digits. Que Lastima! When los starters came back in, there was some good back and forth, with los quarter ending with El Heat up nueva.

Los Torros Bulls opened the third rotating the ball much better on the offensive end. This combined with Rose getting some great drives to the basket, got Los Bulls looking like they had what it took to win el game for el first time. It also became apparent that any hopes of Carlos Boozer being a grande contributor in this game were all but lost. In addition to being cold, Boozer certainly does not get calls and this was rather obvious today. Yet, behind some solid D, Los Bulls cut it to dos after tres.

MVP Derrick Rose showing a rare bit of emotion.

During el third, I thought that much of Los Bulls chances of winning this one would come down to the performance of UDJTW to kick off el quarter. What I did not think was that our second unit would be battling against El Heat’s “Big Tres.” And seeing as how that was the case, goes to show how desperate El Heat were trying to win against a top opponent (having had el worst record among los top teams against los top teams in NBA). With all that said, UDJTW more than held their own against los star signings of el off-season. They did enough to allow los starting core and one Derrick Rose to come back in and take over. Rose took the game into his own hands, willing Los Bulls to a six point lead with a few minutes left on the clock. Still, as much as I hate them, El Heat have some talent and that talent got them right back to tied and then up by two.  Then Luol Deng executed el art of getting fouled, missing el second free throw, getting el rebound while being fouled, then hitting los ensuing two free throws. It was text book Loul-Deng-closing-el-game 101. El Heat had 15.9, el ball, and a chance to win el game. But, who are we kidding? This is El Heat. So we all know how this one wrapped up: El Heat choke, can’t finish a game, boo-hoo!

With this wonderful victory, Los Bulls complete their cinco-game road trip 4-1, with great wins against El Heat and El Magic and finished the season series against El Heat 3-0. Los Bulls are now second in el East and their schedule becomes much easier as they fight for that top spot. Muy fuerte!

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3 Responses to Game #61: Los Chicago Bulls 87 – El Miami Heat 86

  1. Touchdown Mollusk says:

    I love it when Wade pouts. Lebron and Bosh often look like they’re about to cry when a call doesn’t go their way, but Wade pouting to the press is the whiniest thing the NBA has to offer this season.

  2. BethAnnimal says:

    Noah is head honcho with the ladies.

  3. ColonelFatheart says:

    Hey, I was directed here by BlogaBull. Good stuff here, man.

    This post is double great for featuring “Buenos Tardes, Amigo,” by the way.

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