The Final Puzzle Piece!

BEHOLD: the Prodigal Son!

As expected, your Chicago Bulls signed Rasual Butler today (barring a physical). It is rare that a blockbuster move like this actually comes into fruition, so sit back and bask in the glory that is the signing of a backup wingman!

What does this loyal servant offer to the Bulls? The common assumption would be that Butler was signed as a backup to Luol Deng (and add depth to the shooting guard position). Our Man from Sudan needs some rest. Not only has he played in every game rhis season, he is also averaging 39.1 minutes/game (5th in the NBA). And this is from a player who has battled injuries the last few years. However, coach Tom Thibodeau looks at Deng as his “glue guy,” hence all of the minutes.

If Deng is that important to the team, then it is key that he gets some rest and is fresh for a playoff run. That is where Bulter can come in. Yet, the signing is not without question marks. If we look to the comments section of a SLAM ONLINE post, rubs93 certainly has his worries, “dunno how I feel bout this one. whats the difference between him and kover? does he at least try to play D unlike kover? Is he a better shooter this season?” And he is not the only one thinking that Bulter is too similar to Korver. Run’n’Gun219 offers, “Man he is just a black kyle kover with a broker 3pt shot. i dont think i have ever seen him take a 2pt shot or a lay up.” With these experts (and champions of the English language) putting in their two cents, should we be worried?

I think it is time to give the Bulls organization a little credit. I am not the biggest fan of Gar Paxman, but they were able to put together a team that is a legit contender. If Bulter gets playing time, it will not be to try to fight back from a deficit. He will be in there to protect a lead, while giving Deng some much-needed rest (especially against lesser opponents). Bulter is a defensive upgrade to Korver, while still possessing the ability to hit a three (a career 36% 3PT shooter). The bigger question is not on Bulter, rather Thibs. And that is, will he use him? Thibs is very much a coach who would rather not tinker (to put it lightly) with a winning formula (hello, Bogans). In this case, and for the sake of Deng’s energy, hopefully he changes his ways and gives Butler the nod, letting our new savior gets some minutes.

Overall, considering what is out there, I like the signing and give it one Reagan:

At least one out of every three Reagans likes the Butler signing.

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