Game #59: Chicago Bulls 80 – Atlanta Hawks 83

Drink: Jameson Irish Whiskey, rocks

To start this review, I would like to give credit where credit is due: Jameson is about as fine and smooth as whiskey gets. Personally, I lean toward Bourbons (Maker’s Mark) and Scotch (Johnny Walker, Tomatin), but I decided to change it up tonight. In the past, I have credited Jameson’s popularity to people always siding with Irish when it comes to drinking. The Irish are known as drinkers, and as such, people often go with their products when on a binge (or that is how I see it). Therefore, I have stuck to my guns and relied on the Americans and Scots for whiskey (or whisky, if Scotch). However, Jameson is one damn smooth whiskey. If you are not a whiskey drinker, but are looking to get into the game, I highly suggest Jameson. It gives up some of the flavor its American and Scottish counterparts offer, but it has very little of the bite of the latter two.

Poppa Whiskey Storytime: Now on to the game.
Little Johnny Offspring of an Alky: Do we have to?
PWS: Well… [takes a pull of Jameson] Yeah, son, I am sorry, but we must.
LJO: [punches his pillow and pouts]

I had to look into my heart to write this review.

Hopefully this is the worst game of the season. Thus far, it is certainly the worst game of the season. Even more so, it was as frustrating of a game as I can possibly take and still write a review. As it stands, I had to take another stiff Jameson on the rocks and find a movie that would cheer me up during writing this depressing epitaph. I chose Miller’s Crossing, bar none the best gangster flick of all time.

This game started as well as it possible, save the Hawks formally forfeiting. Stellar D had the Bulls up 10-0 when the Hawks took their first timeout just 2:43 into the first. Derrick Rose started the game distributing well, but was not hitting his shot. Despite this, Rose still got MVP chants going into a commercial break on the road. This is not too surprising, seeing as Bulls fans travel very well, combined with the fact that the ole ATL is renown for having awful fans (just as Chipper Jones, Greg Maddox, or any other Brave who has consistently been in first and played in front of thousands hundreds of fans). The Bulls found themselves up by nine after the first.

Unit: DJ TrainWreck (which Thibs seems to have settled into being: Watson, Brewer, Deng, Gibson, Asik) played some sloppy ball to begin the second. It was readily apparent that this squad was going to struggle to score because Deng was not hitting in the first. With a cold Deng, UDJTW has very few offensive weapons. Yet, they were able to stick in there with some decent D, until the starters came back in.  When the starters did come back in, the gates opened up for the Bulls. It was at this point that the Bulls used the combination of Noah and Boozer to exploit the Hawks’ interior (who were without star Josh Smith). At the half, the Bulls looked to have an insurmountable 50-33 lead.

The third quarter was nearly unwatchable if you are a Bulls fan. They were a disaster on both ends of the court. The offense was particularly terrible. Only twenty minutes prior, the Bulls were moving the ball around smoothly (like Jameson), opening up the lane and finding good looks inside. In the third, the Bulls offense became stagnant. They scored their first points almost four minutes into the third! On the other end, the Bulls defense recovered from a sloppy beginning, but the ATL Dirty, Dirty started hitting some shots. In addition to this, Noah’s former Florida teammate, Al Horford, took over the game (ending with 31 points & 16 rebounds). This is a player who has made a career of dominating the Bulls, and after a slow first, he did just that. After possibly the shittiest quarter of the Bulls’ season, they found themselves up six and limping into the last period.

This was probably taken when the Bulls admitted defeated halfway through the fourth. A truly sad effort from a supposed contender.

The fourth stated with a sour taste. Despite their lead, it felt like the Bulls were destined to give up the lead. There was no offensive rhythm, and it was not just UDJTW. It took long for the starters filter back in, but when they did there was hardly a change. Rose was cold tonight. Hell, that is an understatement. He went 5-21 from the field, 0-6 from beyond the arc (where he has been struggling as of late). In addition to his jumper, Rose could not even get his drives going. Yet, on a team that has been boasting its chemistry and teamwork, no one filled-in in his stead.

The Bulls led by 19 at one point in this game. In the last minute of the game the Hawks got their first lead and then won. The details are too painful to relive. After the third quarter it all seemed inevitable. It was the kind of disaster that you saw coming and hoped there was some way that the prophesy would not fulfill itself. It was the kind of game in which I wished there were more middle fingers on our scale.

A Perfect Teenhood would have provided enough middle fingers... maybe.

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