Game #58: Chicago Bulls 105 – Washington Wizards 77

Drink: Chai Tea (it was a rough weekend y’all)

When I was in Junior High, for maybe a year, hip rapscallions used the term”wizard” to refer to something that had previously been known as “radical”.  For instance, the movie “Gleaming the Cube” was so wizzzard.  Today the plural of the word “wizard” refers to a God awful franchise whose only magic trick has been making NBA players disappear into obscurity.  Take once promising Anti-American Josh Howard.  His career ascended with the Dallas Mavericks, but now the enemy-of-the-state toils in our nation’s capital.  So not wizzzard.

So with the Wizards on the docket tonight, it looked like an easy victory for our championship-bound Chicago Bulls.  It was.  The Bulls have struggled against lesser opponents at times, but tonight they choked out the Wiz with effort to spare.

The game started with Noah around the rim looking like his old lively self.  A couple tip-ins and an alley-oop flush saw Jo with 6 of the team’s first 10 points.  Rose had trouble finding his shot and turned the ball over early.  He was up against fellow one-year-Calaparian John Wall.  On one rough sequence, Rose got rejected at the rim, Wall raced down court and drew a foul while dropping in a sweet lay-up.  Right as Bulls announcer Neil Funk noted D. Rose’s 1-7 start, Derrick immediately dropped a j, picked off a pass that finished with a drop pass between his legs to Noah for a dunk.  The Bulls ended the quarter up 25-20.

Unit: DJ TrainWreck (Watson, Korver, Brewer, Gibson and Asik) was up and down in a sloppy second (yeah I meant it that way).  They had rotation problems at first, but also moved the ball around well to the tune of 3 straight dunks, two of them by Taj Gibson.  As the first unit filtered in, the Bulls pulled ahead of the Wiz by 13 at halftime.  It ended when Luol Deng hit a three at the buzzer on a play where I thought they wouldn’t get off a shot.  Shows what I know.

An artist's depiction of Wiz coach Flip Saunders

As the second half plodded along, I realized that the Wizards’ arrow may be pointing up.  They have drafted well the past few seasons with Wall, Nick Young, JaVale McGee and Andray Blatche.  AndRay (or AlsoWithRay if you’re nasty) looked especially effective inside and even dropped out to hit a 15 footer.  Keith Bogans hit a three to extend the league early in the 3rd, then took the rest of the game off on the offensive end.  Rose held Wall in check and picked off a pass en route totally wizzzzzard reverse lefty lay-in followed by a 3-ball to put our boys up 18.  Rose was flying around, Noah was cleaning up down low and Deng had 11 in the 3rd.  Going into the final stanza, the Bulls were up 78-57.

The 4th was garbage time.  C.J. Watson had a wizardly lay-up-and-one.  The starters were left in comically long, so Rose acted like it was the all-star game and effortlessly flipped passes to the Denger and Noah for dunks.  Noah and Booze ended with double-doubles.  Rose had 21 and 9 helpers.  Big Game Luo had 21.  Scalabrini even made an appearance to add credibility to the movie “Invincible“.  Scalabrini’s fall-away bank shot for the Bulls final points, at best, would give a 12 year-old “S” in the game of H-O-R-S-E.  Seriously, Will Ferrell looked more believable in a basketball uni in that terrible movie where he yells a lot and the joke’s usually on him.  You know that movie.

Anywho, the Bulls are now 41-17 and sit 3rd in the conference, just one game back of the Heat.  That, my friends, is bodaciously wizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzard.

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Joelseppi Chmara chose to become a Liverpool fan seven years after they won their last league title. His impeccable timing has led to this Liverpool era being dubbed, "The Polished Turd Generation." Joel is also an unashamed patriot of the US Mens National team and cannot stand when second generation Americans root for their ancestors' country over the Stars and Stripes. His favorite player is Sami Hyypia. His least favorite player is a tie between Paul Konchesky, John Terry and Marco Materazzi. His future favorite player is Xander Halas Chmara. Joel is married to soccer-mom-to-be, Beth Anne, who is very tolerant of his obsession with the beautiful game.
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