Game #54: San Antonio 99 – Chicago Bulls 109

Drink: Death in the Afternoon

A press photo of Tim Duncan

If the Terminator series has taught me anything (and it has taught me much – in the words of Jonathan) it is that machines are treacherous. So it was only suiting that the Bulls final game (Treachery) of their nine games of Hell stretch ended with the the treacherous machine that is the San Antonio Spurs. If you have paid no attention to the San Antonio Spurs in the last decade, I will let you in on a little secret: they are a well oiled machine. More accurately, they are a very boring, well oiled machine with very (usually European) tepid interchangeable parts coming off the bench. Thus, I hate them, but damn are they good (smoke showing the rest of the league with their record).

"Christ, Rose is a goddamn one-man wrecking crew."

Carlos Boozer started out this one hot (which usually means he will very unmachine-like fade soon after). Derrick Rose also started the game by distributing very well, but struggling with his three. He soon ditched the three for driving and mid-range shots. He started tearing it up all over the place. Luol Deng was quietly having a great all around game, highlighted by his suffocating D. However, being a team of robots, the Spurs were right in there, down by five after one.

Let me present to you: MVP Derrick Rose!

Unit: DJ TrainWreck started out the second on fire. They played great rotation defense (which the first unit struggled with) and did their job on the offensive end (prime example being Watson nailing a crazy three). Yet, very un-UDJTW-like, the started to fall apart on both ends. Oddly enough, with their last game before the All Star Break, D-Rose took an extended rest on the bench – not coming back in until five minutes left in the period. During this time, the Spurs fought back and took a small lead. Enter: Derrick Rose. The Man came in and gave an instant boost to the team. With Rose back out there the Bulls took a 58-51 lead into the locker room. So much for two defensive-minded teams, eh?

Rose came into the third with business as usual – except for his three that was never there this evening. On the defensive end, it was upsetting to see Danny Glover daring Tim Duncan to shoot the mid-range shot. Has he not seen what Duncan has done the last decade+? As such, Duncan was hitting his jumper and the Spurs were threatening. In addition to the Spurs offense, the Spurs were effectively collapsing on Rose. Not to say the Machine was shutting him down, but they slowed the MVP-lock down a tad. Yet, the Bulls, led by their 2011 MVP champ, ended the quarter up by 8 points.

Side Note: Possibly against better judgement, I poured another Death in the Afternoon at this point. I will be honest here and admit that the first one definitely left its mark. So number three was a dicey proposition. However, I will go ahead and state that I cannot more highly recommend a drink more than DITA. It is like Hitler in the Springtime mixed with Underworld, shaken by Dean Martin.

UDJTW started the fourth as well as they started the second. The question was if they were going to fall apart like they did in the second (which was not framed as a question). Well, good ole UDJTW held up enough before the man, the myth, the legend returned to the game. What can I say here that Mr. Rose cannot show you? Rose destroyed this game, a game he described beforehand as a ‘statement game.’ Rose took a nationally televised game (on a night when there were only two games to be played) and made a statement to why he should be MVP.

"The Machine? Fuck the Machine!" - Ed Harris

Listen up, y’all: this is when you stop loathing about what could have been with the Bears and rally behind your Chicago Bulls! They just took down the team in the league with the best record (by far) in the NBA. On this night, MVP candidate Derrick Rose went for a career high. If you did not catch that, here it is again: Derrcik Rose took the team on his back and posted a career high against the best record in the NBA! Rally behind your boys, these Bulls are for real! We have a legit shot at the crown and it is about time we pay them the respect they deserve.

Sorry Haley Joel, D-Rose is better than you and your Spurs counterparts!

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