Note Bulljive

  • Nicolas Batum was quoted after Monday’s game saying, “We know that Derrick Rose is a good offensive player, but you have to play defense, too. He can’t guard Dre. You gotta play defense. He can’t play defense, so that’s why we put Dre (Andre Miller) inside and try to attack him. He did a great job. Had 25 (points) and 11 (assists) tonight.” Fans are up-in-arms over this. Why? Rose got lit up by Andre Miller. I watched it and it was a poor defensive effort. Let Rose get better and prove him wrong. And don’t worry about Nicolas. He already did what any self-respecting modern athlete does and denied he ever said it.
  • Kyle Korver got “snubbed” for the Three Point Contest during this year’s All Star Break. Korver acknowledged that he wanted to be in the competition, and said, “L.A. would be a good place to be for All-Star break, it’s sunny there. But I’ll go and enjoy it somewhere else.” He then grabbed the basketball people were playing with and said he is going home.
  • Tonight, Carlos Boozer makes his triumphant return to the city where he disappointed fans with his string of injuries and sometimes questionable effort! The Bulls take on the Utah Jazz in the whitest, least jazzy city of Salt Lake. Hopefully the boos (they ain’t saying, “Booze!”) Carlos receives and Batum’s comments on Rose’s D inspire the Bulls to victory. A loss would give them their first three-game losing streak of the season and insure a losing record for this second western road trip. D-up, Rose! Knock down the three like you were in a contest, Korver! And Booooooooooze, Boozer!

About Judas Pato

Just another hard working member of the press, covering the Chicago Bulls and nonsense - often both, simultaneously.
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