Note Bulljive


  • After dismissing Limbo and Lust (the Magic and Pacers, respectively), the Bulls take on Gluttony (the Clippers) tonight on their third game of the nine games of Hell, and the first game of a five game Western Conference road trip. The Clippers are without the services of their leading scoring, Eric Gordan, but still have many weapons, chiefly Blake Griffin and a revamped Baron Davis. The Bulls are still two-point favorites in this one, and should be able to pull out a victory against a turnover (gluttony) prone Clips team.
  • Derrick Rose ate a waffle on Monday and proclaims his ulcers to be a thing of the past! Rose said of the ulcers, “It’s not painful anymore. I can sleep good.” (I am sure he meant “well.”) This is great news, as Rose looked a bit hesitant and out of rhythm in the two games over last weekend. Hopefully this new waffle diet, with “just a little syrup,” is the answer to all that ails him.
  • Taj Gibson was back to practice Monday, after spraining his ankle, in what looked to be a serious injury against the Pacers. Gibson said the ankle was a little sore and that he was surprised (as am I) because he thought he was going to miss a few games when it happened. He went on to say that he expects to play tonight.
  • Joakim Noah had his cast removed on Tuesday and, at last word, was expected to travel with the team on the road trip.
  • Coach Tom Thibodeau was named Eastern Conference Coach of the Month for January.
  • #MiamiHeatZone is still following #NoBulljive.
  • Adidas is promoting a new skin-tight uniform look, that will be unveiled at the All-Star Game. Players already wear these “compression tank tops” under their jerseys. All Adidas is saying is: what is the need for the outer jersey? All Star participants will have the choice of going with the compression look during this year’s edition. Seeing as how both Rose and Dwight Howard are sponsored by Adidas, you can bet that at least two players (and maybe a few Europeans) will be donning the new look.

    Just give him some goofy looking mask and a super hero name. (He already has the super powers.)

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Just another hard working member of the press, covering the Chicago Bulls and nonsense - often both, simultaneously.
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2 Responses to Note Bulljive

  1. Okay, the best stupid mask I could find was a giant hot dog head ( I’m stumped on a superhero name, though. Maybe we could just call him Chicago Style?

  2. Judas Pato says:

    Rose Dog? Hot Dawg?

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