Twitter, an Experiment in Loneliness

Shortly after the pinnacle of Chicago Bulls journalism was born, No Bulljive got a Twitter account. The Luddites of this journalism collective had little grasp of what Twitter was and any use it may have. Little has changed since those beginnings.

The majority of the tweets have been links to this site when a new post is added (this is set up to be done automatically). There have also been random musings, but the main purpose of this tool has been to have a neat information little column on to the right – that I am sure hardly anyone has noticed.

What I find truly interesting about Twitter is two fold. First, people on Twitter will post damn-near anything about everything. The #NoBulljive (I think I am doing that correctly) account was set up on a Saturday. That morning I found out that Russel Westbrook was really carving cereal, only to go to the fridge and, “No milk!” My heart went out to the exciting Thunder (Pow!) guard. People also love reposting other people’s tweets in a manner where it makes no sense to anyone else.

Love you Ced, but what the hell is that trophy? The Suns never won anything.

The other element I find interesting about Twitter is which people/accounts have chosen to follow #NoBulljive. After joining and posting some tweets, Bulls writer Sam Smith, Steve Nash, and the Chicago Bulls were all following me. Well, all it took was one “Is it just me or does Yao Ming look like a heroin addict?” tweet to get them to stop following me (many have come and gone right along with them). Others are more resilient. Former Phoenix Suns small forward Cedric Ceballos has stuck in there since close to the beginning. Yes, Cedric Ceballos. How does this happen? Even more odd, #MiamiHeatZone is following NB right now and I doubt I have ever written anything remotely kind about the Heat. Well, I guess we will see if we can put an end to this right now with a “Is there anything LeBron wouldn’t do for thirty pieces of silver?” tweet. That should get them off my back and back down to six followers.

And I do apologize for my six true followers (that means you Ced!). I have slacked greatly on putting up non-post realted tweets. It is my pledge to put up more (offensive) tweets and see how low we can go in followers. It is my January 29th resolution!

About Judas Pato

Just another hard working member of the press, covering the Chicago Bulls and nonsense - often both, simultaneously.
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