Game #47: Indiana Pacers 89 – Chicago Bulls 110

Drink: La Fin Du Monde

I was curious to see if Derrick Rose was going to make it out for tonight’s battle. On one hand, the man is dealing with two stomach ulcers (are there other kinds than the stomach-variety?) and was coming off a rough battle against fellow Eastern Conference contender, the Orlando Magic. Seeing as the Pacers are a team plagued with problems, this looked like a missable game. On the other paw, Rose is a total gamer. The man loves his basketball and he thrives on winning. Ulcers or no (he thought it was heart burn), the man wants to compete. Thus, when the ball was jumped, Rose was on the floor.

From the get-go it was obvious that Rose was not at his peak. The first shot he threw up – a three – struggled to find the front of the rim. All in all, the team lacked energy. This deficiency was hardly surprising, given the tough win they grabbed last night against the Magic. Though this may be routine, it is not acceptable. Sure, last night was a great win against a team that usually takes advantage of their match-up problems and buries the Bulls, but every W in the regular season is as important as the last. Even with this lack of effort, the Bulls were still playing the Pacers, so they found themselves only down two after one.

Unit: DJ TrainWreck came out strong out of the gates. Then we were served our wings at Buffalo Wild Wings. If you have never been, I will save you the trouble. If you can zip up your Richmond, Virginia, Caribbean Jerk and Mango Habanero are your only two real options. Caribbean Jerk is their strongest sauce by far, but Mango Habanero throws a spicy kick in there to change things up. So, after the half, the Bulls were up by four.

The third quarter was lackadaisical and lethargic, as the Bulls lost all interest and energy. Then a spokesman from downtown came to talk to the boys:

In the fourth Kyle Korver and Rose decided to take over and put this thing away. The Bulls dominated the frame early and often. Both teams showed their true colors, one a winner, the other a lowly team from the bread basket of Indiana. Basically the fourth ended as the formality that we were waiting for the entire game.

Rose was a champion in this game, battling his ailments, he was able to pick his shots (8-17 FG) and play a more reserved role.  With his effortless ability to cut into the lane, Rose is still insanely effective even when he is struggling to find his shot – as has been the case over the last handful ‘o games. In his absence, it is refreshing to see that Luol Deng and Carlos Boozer have been able to fill the void and go for 19 and 24 respectively. With this win the Bulls get a three day rest as they follow the Oregon Trail and head out west to start their second trip past the Mississippi.

The scare of this whole thing was when Taj Gibson fell down in the fourth. Grabbing his right ankle, there was a pause in the game and the next shot we saw was Taj being helped off – with both arms draped over trainers’ shoulders. With all of the Bulls health concerns, a hurt Taj is going to be muy no bueno. Taj has been the glue to UDJTW and the answer to Boozer’s defensive woes was The Beard is over-matched. Let us all hope that he is able to overcome this knock and join the Bulls out west.

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  1. Brian Hewson says:

    Mmm. La fin du monde. I love Unibroue.

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