Game #45: Milwaukee Bucks 83 – Chicago Bulls 92

Drink: Sparkling Water & Cranberry Juice

If you haven't seen it, this is hands down the best movie about a time cop.

A funny thing happened when I bought a new surround sound system over the weekend: I unwittingly purchased a time machine. The surround sound reports volume from the very near future. For example, when a player is about to start dribbling, I know before everyone else does. It makes me feel like I am the Time Traveler’s Wife & Time Cop combined.

The game was sloppy early on. Derrick Rose typified this start with another bad shooting performance. Many of his shots I knew missed before anyone else did because of the distinctive clang of the rim – which I heard long before the rest of the world. Andrew Bogut is by far Milwaukee’s biggest threat with their injury-depleted lineup, and Kurt Thomas played him tough early and often. Danny Glover then began parlaying his solid defense with his 15-17 foot jumper. After a slow start, the Bulls closed out the quarter up by one.

The second quarter belonged to Kurt “Gymkata” Thomas and the Chicago Bulls. The big man hovered around the free throw line and the team that he played for last season refused to guard him out there time and again. This solid offense help build a lead – in conjunction with a very cold Bucks team that scored a season-low 32 first half points.

The Bulls took their 16 point first half lead and looked to end this one early in the third quarter. Kurt Thomas’ jumper stayed hot while the Bulls extended their lead to 20, when the Bucks started chipping back. Wingman Chris Douglas-Roberts was red hot in the second half, on his way to 30 points. On the back of Douglas-Roberts, Milwaukee fought back to be down by only ten after three.

The fourth was a back and forth battle, with the Bulls lead lingering around ten points. The Bulls kept this up long enough to the point where it was the same lead with a minute left and the rest was a formality.

This game was about this entertaining.

Rose had another poor performance from the field, going 5-16, but with a 10-10 mark from the free throw line, he still ended up with 21 points. Meanwhile, Danny Glover picked up some of the slack with a season-high 22 points. It should be noted that this was all against a Milwaukee team that is playing with one true starter in Bogut. The Bulls seemed to keep up the energy on court (which has often been their downfall), they were just lacking offensive options with Rose cold and Boozer coming back from injury.

One Mr. Joakim Noah joined the broadcast in the third quarter during the game. And although it is just his hope, he said that he plans on making his comeback before the All-Star Break in February. So with an ugly win, came at least some hope.

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