Game #44: Cleveland Cavaliers 79 – Chicago Bulls 92

Drink: Guiness Draught

The Bulls hosted the Cleveland Cavaliers Saturday. Cleveland is possibly the worst team in the NBA this. Hence, it was not exactly the kind of Saturday night match-up that it would have been last year at this time. Any lack of excitement heading into the tip-of was at least partly made by the return of Carlos Boozer from a banged up ankle.

The Bulls came out of the gates swinging, taking an early 9-2 lead and looking like they could do whatever they wanted to on the offensive end. Then that lack of energy, that they show ever too much, reared its ugly head. Their offense slowed down and they gave up many easy baskets on the other end. Rose also started out ice cold. The quarter was wrapped up by Luol Deng nailing a three at the buzzer to give the Bulls a 22-17 lead.

Unit: DJ Trainwreck (consisting of Watson, Brewer, Korver, Gibson, and Asik) was full of energy and ran circles around the Cavs to open up the second quarter. Their defense/the Cavs inability to make shots created a comfortable lead. As the starters filtered back in, much of that energy UDJTW created, dissipated into the ether. With the energy faltering, the Cavs cut into the lead. The half ended with a ten-point Bulls lead.

The third quarter started off with the Bulls taking over every aspect of the game. Rose started with a better flow than his 1-7 first half, and the Bulls stretched out the lead to 20 points. As the quarter waned, that unsustainable energy lessened, the Cavs started hitting shots, and the lead got smaller and smaller. The lead went all the way down to seven, when Coach Thibodeau was hit with a technical, after complaining about an illegal screen. That apparently gave them a bit of a spark. After a defensive stop, Rose hit a floater and Deng followed that with a three. At the end of three, the Bulls lead was ten.

The spark at the end of the third certainly did not carry over to the fourth. The Cavs, led by an Antwain Jamison – who was on fire – made a major run at the Bulls. Arguably the worst team in league cut the Bulls lead to two points. At that point, the Bulls got down to business, pulled away and won an ugly game.

This contest looked as if every time the Bulls got a lead, they got bored and let Cleveland back in. It could hardly be called a professional effort. Rose’s poor shooting as of late is a bit worrying, but defenses are definitely keying on him first, second, and third. This is hardly an excuse for this game. The Cavs came into this one on a 15 game losing streak and hung with the Bulls well into the fourth quarter on the road. That is sad anyway you cut it. At least Boozer looked comfortable on his bum ankle (probably thanks to a healthy dose of cortisone).

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