Mid-Season Report

 An astute observation may lead one to conclude that the exact mid-season point laid in the hours between Monday’s win in Memphis and before Tuesday’s loss against Charlotte. It was at that point when the Bulls had played 41 games, half the games in the regular season. But everyone knows that a true and honest mid-season report is best served two games after the real mid-season point, when the winds of reporting are just right. ( FYI: Mid-Season Player Ratings are best served three games after the real mid-season point.)

Team Grades

The best science fiction character ever?

If you have not been following the Bulls and just so happened to stumble upon this site because you Google searched a picture of Roy Batty, then I will recap the two major themes this season in two words: Rose & injuries. I will get to Rose later, but being mid-season report, I feel like there should be some grades involved. But, how do you rate a team whose stars have only played together in nine games? Well, if this was the base camp two of Bulls journalism, we would probably cower away at such a task, but being the summit of Bulls journalism, we gladly tackle this feat. So here is our report:

Offense Eh
Defense Oh yeah! Kool-Aid Man Style
Special Teams A Kick it to Hester!
Coaching B Questionable at times, but overall solid (except the hair)
Intangibles 8.5 (scale 1-10, with 7 being the best)
Huge Sparkly Watches on Injured Players A++ By far their strongest area

Truth is, no matter how much higher above the competition NB is, a mid-season report can only be retarded in regards to this team. As previously mentioned, their desired starting lineup has been on the floor for a mere nine games (most of which Boozer was still trying to get his feet back). We can point to the offense and say how much improved it will be when all the players will be healthy. Yes, sure, but how about the defense? The defense has been great this season, but where would it be at if Boozer was healthy the entire season, thus limiting the time of Taj Gibson?

We could look at the team with the injuries, acknowledge the 29-14 record, and consider it a huge success. Yet, other than the Circus Road Trip, their schedule has been quite forgiving. Also, regardless of injuries, how do you drop two to the Charlotte Bobbycats?

Overall, the only grade this team can receive is an “I” for incomplete. Hopefully, by the time the playoffs roll around we will have a better idea of what a healthy Bulls team can deliver. Until then, crack an egg underneath Noah’s bed and hope for the best.

Derrick Rose

Rose’s season started with all the ballyhoo coming from his “Why can’t I be MVP?” comments on Media Day. Fast forward to last night and TNT’s broadcast was basically a “Rose for MVP” commercial. Both Reggie Miller and Charles Barkley (who has been soliciting for the Bulls all season) had nothing but praise for the Chicagoan. Rose has been the straw that stirs the engine (to use one of Barkley’s phrases). On top of the numbers he puts up, is the pure pleasure he provides while scoring. There have been many games that would have been unwatchable if Rose was not on the court. And take into consideration that he gets fouled damn-near every drive to the basket, but rarely gets the calls (granted, they have been improving as of late), and you have a very serious MVP candidate. However, just like Rose says, it is all about winning. It would be swell if he was named the MVP. It would be ridiculously awesome if the Bulls won a championship. Yet, if the latter comes true, it will be on the shoulders of a point guard who has been a revelation this season. And for that, Derrick Rose gets NB’s highest rating:

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