Game #39: Chicago Bulls 99 – Indiana Pacers 86

Killian’s Irish Red

Holy hell, Canseco Field House is a basketball wonder. This thing was made for basketball first and foremost, not a hockey/basketball hybrid stadium. Sitting 13 rows from the floor and center court, NB had the perfect view for this one.

The Pacers started out hot and took an early lead. Carlos Boozer was, once again, exposed defensively. And for his lack of defense, he only played 22 minutes. I can hardly blame Thibodeau for Boozer’s extended stays on the bench, but one has to wonder how much of this Boozer is going to put up with. The Bulls have great camaraderie going on this season, but is it going to continue if Boozer gets limited playing time? The bummer of it all is that there is not any grand solution to all of this. Without Noah on the court, you cannot trot out Boozer against many NBA front courts. On the plus side, Noah will return and be able to help out Boozer, solidifying the front court defense. The concern is whether Boozer will keep content until this happens. Additionally, it is kind messed up that the team’s highest paid player is so much of a defensive liability that Thibs cannot afford to play him for large stretches of games.

Back to the game! After that hot start from Indiana, the Bulls took over and never looked back. The smoke show was on. Derrick Rose did whatever he wanted on the way to 29 points, while the defense held the Pacers to 32% from the floor. Even Kurt Thomas got it going with 17 rebounds.

The true highlight of the game was the gentleman sitting in front of us. Apparently, sitting in the 12th row to a professional basketball game was not entertaining enough, because in the 3rd quarter he broke out the sports section of the Indianapolis Star and thoroughly read it, box scores and all. At one point, I glanced over his shoulder to see the headline, “Bulls Keep Their Winning Streak Going Behind Rose,” and noticed it was the Saturday edition. This puzzled me a bit, so I looked at the date and the dude was reading the sports section of the January 2nd paper! If this were not enough, the man broke out the January 8th sports section in the 4th quarter.

In addition to the amusement this man provided, it was great to see a very large Chicago contingent of fans in Indy. Also, the exceedingly loud “MVP” chant for Rose was awesome on the road.


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