Game #38: Chicago Bulls 91 – Charlotte Bobcats 96

Drink: Tom Collinses transferring to Johnnie Walker Red Label on the rocks

Alright, I am rolling into this one from grabbing a half dozen Tom Collinses with the General after work and catching the game tape-delayed. This is going to run like a recorded live feed of sorts, NB style. I am also entering this one a bit surly, so caveat emptor.

First Quarter Well, this is certainly a kitty smoke show to start. Hm, some athletic bigs having their way with Slow Moe Dee?! This happens to be less than shocking. It is almost as if Thibs is trying to prove my point about starting Danny Glover against these kinds of lineups. Oh wait, Old Man Molasses just picked up a three second call, a personal foul, and a technical in the vast span of twenty seconds?! What is not to like about this stroke? Boozer gets subbed, probably for his defense. Here’s the thing that ruffles my feathers: Boozer is not a defender, yet gets subbed for this reason while it is obvious that a Boozer-Thomas front is unsustainable.  Maybe a different lineup is in order for the NBA’s least dynamic coach (How many games has Bogans started?). Asik entered the game and the Charlotte announcers are pronouncing his name “Acheek.” That has been, by far, the most entertaining part of this quarter.

Second Quarter A true Unit: DJ TrainWreck is comprised of Asik, Gibson, Korver, Brewer, & Watson. Lately, this squad was been a breath of fresh air when the starting five came out flat. It does not look like that this is the case tonight. After three minutes, the Bulls are down by 17 going into the commercial break. To reiterate: three minutes into the second, down 17, to the Charlotte Bobcats. Sounds about right. The Bulls sub in Boozer for Asik (who was a mess), and things are looking better. After two minutes, the Bulls are looking at an 11 point deficit. And the quarter moves on in an uninspiring fashion. Starters filter in, nothing really happens, and the half ends with your Chicago Bulls down by 13.

Third Quarter The starting lineup is in for the third. Everything is rather nondescript as Brewer checks in for Bogans, as per usual, and the Bulls chip away at he travesty that is/was the bobbycat lead. The Bulls look to take the lead when Gibson picks up a questionable offensive foul. On the other end, Gibson promptly picks up a fifth foul. No bueno, as Thibs opts for the Thomas-Deng front court. Yet, they somehow pull to a one-point lead to close the period.

Fourth Quarter UDJTW is as follows: Old Man Winter, Our Man From Sudan, Korver, Brewer, and Watson – hopefully this means that D. Glover will not be in the fourth for long. Ah, the unsustainable front court (Boozer-Thomas) is back, let’s hope that Charlotte has not realized this. Korver knocks down a couple of threes – it would be great to get him back into rhythm after playing limited/unproductive minutes. Despite this hot shooting, the Bulls are not pulling away, and the Robertcats have fought back to take the lead. Thomas just picked up his fifth – a true head-scratcher as to why he has played as many minutes as he has. Thibs is keeping the old ass in! Rose is looking to go into close-down mode, not giving up the ball unless completely necessary and… it does not look like it is going to work out for your Chicago Bulls. Expletive, expletive, expletive, breathe.

Reflections In order of minutes, this game

Without interest of closing the game, Rose and Boozer opt for the Macarena

went a little something like this (each player one minute less than the previous): Luol Deng, Derrick Rose, wait for it, wait for it, wait for it, Kurt F#$%ing Thomas, Carlos Boozer, and Ronnie Brewer. Don’t worry, with Glover’s unprecedented 34:35 minutes, he put up nine ferocious points and pulled down seven boards! The easiest criticism you can pull in sports is to rip the coach, so here we go! The Charlotte Bobcats feature an under-skilled, but athletic front court. Thibs decides to go with Kurt Thomas early and often. Yet, unlike Chicago voting, this tactic is not affective.

Get this, I am not a big fan of Kurt Thomas. Therefore, being the pinnacle of Bulls journalism that we are,  I will stop ripping him and move on. There was not anything you can really tip your hat to on this one. Boozer picked up 23 points and 14 rebounds, but refused to play anything resembling defense, hence his 33 minutes. Essentially, this game was a picture-perfect example of why the Bulls need one Joakim Noah. With his defensive intensity and underrated offensive game, this game would have been a formality. Without him, the Bulls lost against a far inferior team.

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