Game #37: Detroit Pistons 82 – Chicago Bulls 95

Drink: Coppola Rosso

With nothing else on the boob tube, the entire nation tuned into the Chicago Bulls hosting the Detroit Pistons. Since the Bulls knew that all of America had no choice but to watch this game, thus having the market cornered, they decided to come out uninspired on this one. The Bulls had to be thankful to be down by only 12 at the half. If the Pistons were hitting any of their wide open threes in the first, it would have been an early smokeshow. It was nice to see Derrick Rose pressing the issue early on and continually driving to the rim. Yet, with a combination of not being able to finish and not getting calls, this strategy proved to be less effective – in the first – than it was against the Celtics.

The second quarter saw Unit: DJ TrainWreck put up a similar effort. Someone must have also told them that there was not any other sporting event on television this evening because they played the same uninspired ball that the starting unit featured. As previously mentioned, the Bulls found themselves down by 12 at the end of a hapless half.

He is the righteous man.

In the locker room a media guru came in a let the team know that there was something called a “BCS” had two teams face-off against each other to determined what they believed to be the champion of college football. The highest ratings fix was no longer in the bag, and the Bulls came out trying to win over television sets all across America. They opened the quarter on a 11-0 run. It was truly the tale of two halves. It can be hardly said that the Bulls played a flawless second half. However, compared to the stinking dung that was the first half, the second half was like a beautifully crafted thin crust pizza (sausage & onion). The half hit a climax in the third with a Pistons turnover, which led to a break where Rose dished it to Ronnie Brewer, who lofted a ball back to Rose, who took it out of the air with one hand and threw it down with great vengeance and furious anger. Although the game was still close, it was one of those moments where you figured the game was over. And for all intents and purposes, it was.

This game’s halves were truly night and day. As disappointing as the first half was, the second half was delicious. The difference was on both ends of the court. The Bulls defense in the first was woeful and they could not knock down any buckets on the other end. Their defense 108’d the second and their offense, while not consistent, was much improved. It is hard to wrap up this game as a whole. I will note that if they were playing a more talented opponent, the deficit that would have blown up in the first may not have let them come back in the second. And with that, cheers to the Pistons!


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One Response to Game #37: Detroit Pistons 82 – Chicago Bulls 95

  1. djhatesyou says:

    I don’t know what’s better in this video, Rose or Stacy King

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