Game #36: Boston Celtics 79 – Chicago Bulls 90

Drink: NB Rob Roy

In the fourth quarter, Bulls color analyst, Stacey King, said, “This game has been a grind… There has been no flow.” If this was not the absolute ne plus ultra of Bulls journalism, we would stop there because it sums up the game rather well (but we are so above that). Onward! Keeping with their latest fad (save the Raptors game), the Bulls played an ugly game.

It all started way back in the first quarter, when the game was kind of grindful and had, well, no flow. Screw this, I am not reviewing every grindy, flowless quarter of this game.

Nate Robinson "guarding" Rose

The Bulls offense has hit a lull, to say the least. The Bulls are not an offensive powerhouse to begin with. Take away Noah, and you are left with three weapons on that end. Unfortunately, the last three games, the Bulls have been without their third option, Luol Deng – for reasons unknown. Our Man From Sudan had two points entering the fourth quarter. In the last two games the offense has been Derrick Rose (36 f’n points tonight!) and Carlos Boozer.

Luol Deng started the season on a three point shooting tear, hitting them a clip above 40%. Since then, his percentage has dropped to 35.9%, respectable, but when you consider he was well above 40%, it reveals how much he has dropped off. Hell, tonight he hit his only one (out of four) while wide open and it was still a huge breath of relief, as you did not expect it to fall. It was still an awesome three, as it helped bury the soulless Celtics.

Another huge reason for the Bulls offensive ineptitude lies in their inability to hit free throws. Tonight they hit 71.4% of their free throws, four one-hundredths higher than their season percentage! They are only trailing The Magic and Clippers in that category, two teams with two big men that cannot shoot and go to the free throw often. It is not like they do not practice the art of the free throw. Kyle Korver has said that this team practices free throws way more than any team he has been a part of – and he is coming from a Jerry Sloan team!

Regardless of their offensive short comings, the Bulls still beat the Boston Celtics, aka the most annoying team in the Association. This game also seemed to prove the inevitable: the crackdown on players complaining has all but stopped. A little refresher: before the season seasoned, the NBA proclaimed that they were going to be quick to call a technical when a player complains. A similar rule was put into place about five seasons ago, and much like that year, the rule has already gone by the wayside. This game saw a whole bunch of whining by America’s most irritating team and not a single technical was called. I am not saying that the Bulls do not complain. Derrick Rose has been getting ever so vocal on missed calls as the season has worn on. Yet, the Celtics are the Alpha and Omega of bitching about calls and non-calls (that happens when you have four superstars on your team).

Overall, jolly good show by your Chicago Bulls and another L for the loathsome Boston Celtics. Cheers to a good Saturday!

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