Two Guard Travails


When the Bulls put this team together over the summer, they signed three shooting guards. Ronnie Brewer was expected to start with Kyle Korver coming off the bench for the deep threat, and Keith Bogans was meant to be a defensive-minded backup. During the preseason, Brewer and Korver picked up minor injuries, which led to Bogans being the starter to begin the season. Yet, here we are, almost 30 games into the season, and Bogans is still starting.

Banish him to the Cursed Earth! ...or the bench.

Mr. Bogans is clearly the third option at that position, but he starts nonetheless. He has been averaging somewhere around 15 minutes a game lately, while Brewer and Korver are seeing more playing time. Then why is he starting? One of the concerns for the Bulls this season is coming out of the gates at a slow pace. With Kurt Thomas now filling the starting center spot while Joakim Noah is out, having another player with limited offensive ability in the starting lineup only adds to these slow starts. Ronnie Brewer is also a defensive-minded shooting guard, yet he can run on fast breaks and move great along the baseline in the half-court offense. The only thing Bogans does consistently well on offense is head-fake a wide open three, then pass it to Rose.

With Bogans’ minutes down, a move to the bench is well past due. Ronnie Brewer needs to get into the starting five in order to develop a rhythm with the core. Unless there are some injury issues that have not been made public, Brewer and Korver should be getting most all of the minutes at that position.

Let us not forget, there is another solution to the shooting guard spot. Since the beginning of the season there has been talk of Bulls upgrading this position through a trade. Considering that, when healthy, the Bulls can start stars at the other four spots, this is hardly a surprise. However, the rumors have been blowing and if they are to be believed, the front office is sniffing out some possibilities. Who knows if there is any substance, but OJ Mayo (Memphis Grizzlies), Stephen Jackson (Charlotte Bobcats), and JR Smith (Denver Nuggets) have been the most common names being tossed about. A sticking point in most these scenarios seems to be the Bulls reluctance to part ways with Taj Gibson, and I can hardly blame them.

I am surprised that Rip Hamilton’s name has not come up. Dissatisfied with the state of the Pistons (shocker, I know), Hamilton has been clashing with the team and is now not on the starting lineup. Sure he is 32, but for that reason and current shaky relationship with the team, the Bulls should be able to pick him up rather cheaply. It would give the Bulls a veteran with tons of playoff experience, who is solid on both ends of the court.

An upgrade at the two guard would be a welcomed change, but the Bulls need to pull the internal upgrade starting with tomorrow night’s game and start Brewer.

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