Game #29: Chicago Bulls 95 – Detroit Pistons 92

Drink: Valley of the Moon, Pinot Blanc (ever so tasty)

A better two-guard option? Stay tuned!

At the beginning of this month, Carlos Boozer made his debut for your Chicago Bulls. He looked rusty and out of place as he played against a Magic team that blew away the Bulls. It was a little surprising that he made his first start with the Bulls against an Eastern conference contender and with very little practice time under his belt. Yet, what was more of a concern than his play, was the worry that he came back too soon from his injury. After missing his first month with an injury, many (including yours truly) feared that rushing back from a bone break could lead to a similar reoccurrence.

Yesterday morning saw the Bulls put up a woeful performance against the Knickerbockers.  It was a game that the Bulls should not have been in, but were, and for the most part, to the thanks of Boozer. Derrick Rose had 25 points, yet – at last count – he took 28 shots (they are still trying to tally a final number). Meanwhile, Boozer did not shoot all that much better of a percentage, but grabbed 19 boards that certainly helped the cause.

Completing the ever difficult road back-to-back tonight against the Detroit Pistons, the Bulls can once again give a tip of the hat to Boozer. The Beard decided to be the Bulls only consistent option, knocking down 31 points and grabbing 11 rebounds. The smoke show was on. While the injury to Joakim Noah is so very unfortunate, the emergence of Boozer is so very welcomed.

Being over-reactive in the world of sports has become the standard in this current age. We all get caught up in it. Boozer came back from his injury at the beginning of the month, and we all thought that maybe the Pops Mensah Bonsu we thought we were getting, may develop into a dud. Hell, we have seen enough Jalen Roses and Ben Wallaces in Chicago to be skeptical.  Rest assured, Bulls fan, Carlos Boozer is the glue that is going to hold this team together as we await Noah’s return. Derrick Rose is THE star on this team, but in The Beard, the Bulls have their consistent go-to threat. Because of Boozer, the Bulls found themselves in yesterday’s game and won tonight’s game, while Rose chucked up a combined 50+ shots at a low percentage.

The Bulls are very much adjusting to playing without their energy-in-a-can, Joakim Noah. They have learned a few things thus far: #1 Kurt Thomas & Omer Asik definitely are allowed a combine 12 fouls, and little else. #2 There is little room for error among their offensive leaders. #3 The shooting guard position on this team is unsustainable as it stands. #4 Expect a shooting guard article soon.*

*I am not sure that the Bulls “learned” this, but it is a truth nonetheless.

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