Game #28: Chicago Bulls 95 – NY Knickerbockers 103

Drink: Pear Cider & Capt’n

How the Bulls ever scored 95 points in this one is beyond me. Outside Carlos Boozer, this team looked clueless on the offensive end, rounding it off with a mighty 12 point fourth quarter. Derrick Rose mustered 25 points, but did so on 12-28 from the field. The Bulls shot an intimidating 28% from the arc, compared to a monstrous 55% from NY. The Bulls added 21 turnovers to top off the total offensive ineptitude they displayed.

As previously mentioned, the Knicks lit it up from long range. It certainly did not help the Bulls’ cause that many of NY’s three were uncontested. Yet, give credit where it is due, for the Bulls certainly did not bother knocking down the open looks they had from downtown.

With as much of a Debbie Downer review as this may be, it should be noted that the Bulls were right in this one, before laying down in the fourth. After three quarters, the Bulls were down by a mere three points. It was one of those games where if you did not see the score, you would have guessed the Bulls were down by double digits for most of the contest. It was largely that shitty sweatshirt with a picture of a wolf on it that you get from your uncle.

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