Game #27: Chicago Bulls 87 – Washington Wizards 80

Drink: Berenger Founder’s Estate and Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Free agency rules! I’m so in love with the NBA right now for allowing something as completely wonderful and simple as giving money to a grown man to do very spiffy things with a basketball to happen. Boozer yes! So basically this game was a giant story about Boozer doing everything in the best, most efficient way possible at every turn. The guy gets the girl and kills the baddie’s every time.  Great stuff. The video I mean. The game largely sucked simply because you only got to see John Wall wearing a suit on the sidelines. They should be making cyborg backups of this guy just to make sure he’s out there whenever anybody is forced to watch the Wizards now that Arenas is gone. I do not love that non-move by the NBA.

Heinrich, however, was worth watching a little in this game. He made an honorably mentionable drive to the hoop, scoring with authority after getting shitty with the ref’s about what should have been a call on Rose. Whatever. So yeah the Bulls won, go here for more info directly. Sorry this game was so unspectacular. In spite of the win, this game gets a:

In other news, Pop Will Eat Itself has a new album out. Who knew? Good for them.
PWEI is a bizarro version of this game, earning a:

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One Response to Game #27: Chicago Bulls 87 – Washington Wizards 80

  1. joelseppi says:

    if you need further proof that we were lucky enough to see nin when trent was at the height of his addictions.

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