Game #26: Philadelphia 76’ers 76 – Chicago Bulls 121

Drink: Honey Ginger Crystals (don’t ask)

Brian Scalabrine attempted a 3 pointer.  That’s how out of control the game became.  If you’re not familiar with the fair haired lug, good for you.  Imagine that you are playing blackjack and sitting next to you is a leather-faced chain smoking codger who keeps telling the dealer to “wear it” whenever he wins.  But when he loses, he slurs the dealer’s ethnicity/gender/astrological sign/number of fingers.  You go on a major roll and are playing with a ton of house money.  The codger loses his last chip.  You look over at ol’ suss and fuss and inexplicably toss him a couple of chips.  That is the equivalent to Brian Scalarine being allowed to take, and miss, a late 3.

The game was out of control from the jump.  D-Rose went aggressively to the rack and the team was tough on both ends of the floor.  Kurt Thomas/Sergeant Murtough had himself a game.  Five blocked shots in the absence of Jo Noah and Taj Gibson.  Murtough followed each block by yelling, “Respect yr elders!”  Hilarity reared its head when Rose dished the rock to him with a clear dunk opp, only to see Murtough take, what appeared to be, a set lay-up.  A set shot is when you shoot without leaving the ground, so congrats on inventing a new shot Murtough.

The bench rawked with intensity and precision.  C.J. Watson, Kyle Korver, Ronnie Brewer and Omer Asik combined to go 16 of 18 from the floor.  You will never hear that stat line again.  Chicago outscored the 6’ers 31-11 in the 3rd quarter.  They made Elton Brand look like he had just scarfed down a 5 foot-long cheesesteak before the game.

With a game tomorrow night, this cake walk/pie stroll allowed the starters to laugh their troubles away while resting during the 4th.  Rose and the boys should use this light scrimmage to gear up for John Wall and the “New Look” Wizards.  Wall and his lightening bolt scar may indicate he may be the chosen one, but shooting 40% from the floor is like drinking goblin piss.  Am I right?  Yes I watched the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows today.  No I did not wear my invisibility cloak to the premier.

This was an impressive way to bounce back from the heartbreaking loss to the Paper Clips.  With two big men down, the Bulls responded and showed depth I didn’t think they had.  The 76’ers had been hot as of late.  They came into the UC confident in winning 8 of their last 11 only to be systematically dismantled.  The emergence of Ronnie Brewer and the rest of the boys embracing expanded roles warms the cockles during this holiday season.  Oh and Boozer registered a double-double despite playing something like 53 seconds.

The Bulls sit at 17-9 with the 3rd best record in the East.  Not bad for a team with a ton of new pieces and big man woes.

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Joelseppi Chmara chose to become a Liverpool fan seven years after they won their last league title. His impeccable timing has led to this Liverpool era being dubbed, "The Polished Turd Generation." Joel is also an unashamed patriot of the US Mens National team and cannot stand when second generation Americans root for their ancestors' country over the Stars and Stripes. His favorite player is Sami Hyypia. His least favorite player is a tie between Paul Konchesky, John Terry and Marco Materazzi. His future favorite player is Xander Halas Chmara. Joel is married to soccer-mom-to-be, Beth Anne, who is very tolerant of his obsession with the beautiful game.
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