Heart of Apocalypse Darkness, Now!

Paddling through four of the five Great Lakes (Suck it, Superior!), the Bulls are making their way to the Canadian outpost of Toronto. They set sail at night and are navigating their way through their home lake of the Michigan, into the Huron, past the toxic Erie, until docking upon the shores of the Ontario. Their vessels carries an embattled group of soldiers. There is a very famous busted-up hand, a few nagging foot injuries – carried over from last year, and then there are fresh injuries from the night prior.

Late in the fourth quarter of last night’s game, Derrick Rose came down odd on his ankle. The replay showed he twisted it and the way he reacted made most everyone in the UC hold their collective breath. Rose eventually gathered himself up and continued the game. Then, just minutes later, Rose drove into the lane and tried to leap-frog Brandon Rush with disastrous results. The MVP candidate effectively got his legs taken out from under him. He then fell parallel to Planet Earth, with gravity being that same old persistent bitch. Rose laid on the ground, not moving a whole bunch. “I thought it was going to be worse than that. It knocked the wind out of me,” Rose would later say in the locker room. After getting on his feet, Rose held his right wrist, until shooting the free throws he very much earned.

In the locker room he had X-rays that showed nothing was broken. “All the bones are in the right place,” added Bulls trainer, Fred Tedeschi.

Rose continued, “Most people, when they jump that high, they usually get hurt pretty bad, but thank God, I didn’t break anything.” Here at No Bulljive, we are plenty happy for divine intervention on this one.

Despite such other-worldly workings, the locker was in a solemn mood. “Look at him,” Joakim Noah said to the press while pointing to Rose. “He’s too young to be limping like that.”

Carlos Boozer was not all that upbeat either. Yet, rightfully so, he was more worried about his wrapped-up right hand – which is far from fully healed. “It’s not going to feel good until I stop using the hand,” said The Beard. “I can play through it.”

Thus, the ship sails onward to that cold, Canuck village on the mighty Ontario. The mad captain of this damned ship, said of Rose, “”He had some soreness, but he appears to be fine,” Admiral Tom Thibodeau said earlier today. “If he says he can play, he’ll play.”

In case you missed it, the Raptors of the NBA are the reason the Bulls are traveling to the shanty town of Toronto (at time of post, I still had not confirmed if that was a real franchise or town). They are not exactly traveling to the land of Labatt’s Blue for a championship game. Rose’s wrist has been diagnosed as sprain, in addition to a deeply bruised elbow and knotted-up ankle to boot. With Rose taking this game off, he will have a four-game break before the Bulls face a very missable game against the Clippers. With other ailing key players, this seems a prime time to rest the franchise player.

So, while Rose is about the best reason to watch an NBA game, I can sacrifice and get through this one without him, for the greater good… with enough gin.

About Judas Pato

Just another hard working member of the press, covering the Chicago Bulls and nonsense - often both, simultaneously.
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