Game #22: Minnesota Timberwolves 82 – Chicago Bulls 113

Drink: Five-Ka (2.5 ounces of vodka + one 5 Hour Energy)

Rose laughing at the fact that Beasley could have been picked before him

In June of 2008 the Bulls landed the unthinkable. With the best record of the lottery, the Bulls somehow grabbed the first pick of the 2008 NBA Draft. I remember listening to the draw on the radio as I went to Men’s Warehouse to measure for the tux for my brother’s wedding. As I drove down Maryland, I heard that the Bulls did not get a certain pick, and therefore jumped to the top four, due to some rule/clause/awesomeness. I hoped that they got one of the first two, because Derrick Rose and Michael Beasley were by far and away numbers 1 & 2. When they got the first pick, I lost my shit, instantly calling DJ HatesYou and Joelseppi in a parking space right in front of the store.

The next couple months were filled with the assumption that John Paxson would draft Derrick Rose. He was a guard and a Chicagoan, two factors that were huge pluses in Paxson’s head. With Ben Gordan and Kirk Hinrich already holding down the guard positions, I was very much pulling for Beasley.

By the time Draft Day came around, picking Rose was reported to be a formality. I was none too happy about this impending doom, using the logic that since Elton Brand, the Bulls had no down-low game to speak of. Thus, the pick came, and I cursed the decision. Rose was clearly the wrong pick.

Rewind to a year prior. In the 2007 NBA Draft the Bulls had the ninth pick. Like Rose, it was a foregone conclusion that the Bulls were going to take Joakim Noah. And like Rose, I was pissed about the pick. Everyone agreed that Noah was a standout college star, yet most also agreed that his game would not translate on the pro-level.

Welcome to December of 2010. It is a fine year for the Bulls. They have have completed their Circus Road Trip with a passing grade, are on a five-game winning streak, and are led by the duo of Rose & Noah. The two players I completely disagreed with the Bulls selecting, have become my favorite players. Noah was the type of player I gave no chance to at all. Anytime he did anything wrong, I would jump all over him.

Over the course of a few years, Noah developed into a legit center and, more importantly, was insanely amusing off the court. During this time, he also became my favorite athlete.

Derrick Rose, on the other hand… well, if you have seen him at all, you would see that he is one of the elite players in the league. No big whoop.

Oh hell, that’s right, the Bulls played a game tonight. Michale Beasley was even on the other team. Damn, he is not even close to the caliber of Rose. Whoa, the Bulls won by 30+ and it was never even that close. At one point, Neil Funk (Chicago Bulls announcer) said that the Timber Wolves were ” a turnover waiting to happen.” Possibly the line of the year! In fact, no starter even bothered playing over thirty minutes.

In the tradition of Chicago sports, I questioned any move a hometown GM made, questioning Noah and Rose alike. I was foolish. The Bulls are on a tear, in no small thanks to two consecutive, brilliant draft picks.

Side Note: Beasely’s cornrows are reason enough to be grateful for Rose. They are less than awful.

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