Desert Diamonds

We’re now a full 20 Games into the season, all things are looking up for the Bulls in DJ Hatesyou’s opinion. And with so much brilliant analysis on the court flying you’re way, courtesy of Judas Pato, it’s now my duty to draw the lens back and do a proper analysis of the stands! How are the fans doing 20 games into this thing? The news is good.

So, say what you will about the retro trend currently sweeping the nation, but I’ll be damned if it hasn’t given us some incredible outlets to express how we personally show support for the professional athletes of our town. As with most any shitty fashion trend, there’s a right way, and there’s a wrong way to do these things. But for the most part people are choosing wisely. Case in point, Exhibit A:

Let the father of the year nominations begin! You just know the kid tried to complain about his dad jackknifing him into a jersey-shirt, then dad gave him “the stare” and threatened to use the power of his sneakers for the forces of evil, and then all was happy happy.

Bertrand Russell once said something along the lines of, “people will always take everything too far” NBA jersey’s are no exception, clearly.

Hammer don’t hurt her, even Carlos Boozer’s watch is impressed with the amount of bling on that Bulls fan.

Ouch, note to readers. The Gap + Bulls Jersey + MetroPark = No Bueno.
I wonder how many times the friend on the right tried to give this guy a clue. Some people just can’t be helped I guess.

More to come! Keep the pictures rolling in please!

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