Game#17: Chicago Bulls 92 – Boston Celtics 104

Drink: Miller Lite

Joakim Noah on the floor, probably not getting a call

Carlos Boozer started out slow last game, no way that will happen again, right?

The first quarter went poorly. Both teams could not hit their shots in the early going, then just the Bulls were not hitting shots. Boozer still looked out of sorts. Yet there was this one point where he and Derrick Rose ran a pick-and-roll… oh wait, that was Taj Gibson, never mind. Anywho, the Bulls dug themselves in their mandatory giant hole and were looking at a plus-two-touchdown deficit, but ended with a mere 12 point hole.

Say hello to Unit: DJ TrainWreck and… goodbye to their hole?! The Bulls second half disaster of a lineup has done this before, yet it is no less surprising. The Bulls pulled even and kept it right there for awhile. The game started chippy in the first (with the standard Rose no-calls) and got chippier as the second progressed. This culminated in a Noah and sweetless Kevin Garnett double technical. Garnett had been prodding Noah all game long and Noah retaliated, but it ended up in a double. After that the Celts looked the better of the two teams, and finished the half up five.

The Bulls entered the third with life, for all of a minute or two. Then they kept with the tradition of this young season by starting off the third quarter in a horrid manner. Unfortunately, they would never recover. And there is little else to report on the second half.

Carlos Boozer may be “healthy,” but he sure is not ready to be in games against the best teams in the East. The Bulls have little to no rhythm with him in the lineup. Yet, let us not just blame Boozer in the game. The douchebag machine that is the Boston Celtics were better in nearly every statistic. Additionally, Boston decided to play defense while Tom “Defensive Mastermind” Thibodeau’s Chicago Bulls left may uncontested shots and layups.

The Bulls now travel home to face the ailing Houston Rockets, followed up by the OKC Thunder. How long does it take to get back in rhythm after healing from a freak gym bag injury? Hopefully sooner than later.



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