Note Bulljive

  • About as shitty as a seven-game Circus Road Trip

    Your Chicago Bulls play their final game of the masochistic Circus Road Trip tonight, when they visit the Sacramento Kings (9PM CST, WGN). It will be their fourth game in five days and the second half of their third road back-to-back this trip. Worry not, the hits keep coming as Derrick Rose is questionable and who knows what Taj Gibson’s status is! Gibson has been bothered with foot issues for most of this trip and logged only 11 minutes last night. On the plus side, the Kings are not a gifted team – bringing with them a three game losing streak. On the plus, plus side, after this game the Bulls come on home and get a much deserved three day break.

  • Carlos Boozer is back to practicing! Boozer took part in some shooting drills on Thursday, before the Chicago Bulls took on the Denver Nuggets. He said he was “100%” going to be taking part in full practice on Monday when the Bulls return to the Berto Center. Boozer has not set a date for a return to an actual game, but was encouraging when saying, “It’s a little sore. Still not strong enough, but as long as it keeps getting stronger and stronger, it should be pretty soon.” Some think that the return will come as early as this Wednesday against the Orlando Magic. Your humble NB reporter is not amongst this “some.”
  • Three Point Fever Update! In the preseason, we reported that Bulls players Derrick Rose, Luol Deng, and Taj Gibson caught Three Point Fever. They were chucking up threes in practice and dropping hints that they will be letting the bombs fly more often in games. Let’s check in with an update, shall we? Derrick Rose: 17-51, 33.3%. Rose started off shaky (to be kind) with his threes. It was not until the current Circus Road Trip where he began to light it up from long distance. November 16th’s game against Houston was his coming-out party, going 4-5 and starting a hot streak that would continue until the game against Phoenix, 1-5. Luol Deng: 19-57, 33.3%. Deng has had a completely opposite experience when compared to Rose. Our Man from Sudan started the season red hot, having a staggering clip just under 50% going into the Circus Road Trip. Yet, the road rims have not been kind to him, dropping his percentage 15 points. Hopefully, a return to the UC on Wednesday will get his rhythm back and we will see some of that early season magic. Taj Gibson: 1-2, 50%. Gibson’s three point shot seems to be something he was only flirting with in the preseason, and is probably a year away (if at all) of showing up. However, he did have one awesome three late in the game against Dallas, a bail out buzzer beater that propelled the Bulls to victory.
  • In last night’s NBATV halftime show, Charles Barkley picked the Bulls to finish the regular season with the second seed in the East and represent the East in the Finals. That would be swell.

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2 Responses to Note Bulljive

  1. sirbriang2 says:

    Fact: Kane Hodder (of Friday the 13th fame) is a documented fan of the Insane Clown Posse.

    There’s really no point to that knowledge, but I just thought I’d share.

  2. Danny O'D says:

    I didn’t realize how much respect I had for Kane Hodder until I lost all of it. Also, I didn’t know he’s a fetal alcohol syndrome survivor.

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