Game #14: Chicago Bulls 97 – Denver Nuggets 98

Drink: Captain Morgan & Cider (my heater is on the fritz)

Fact: Loul Deng and Taj Gibson are great third and fourth options. With Derrick Rose and Carlos Boozer on the Chicago Bulls roster, they fill these roles well.

Fact: The Bulls do not have a shooting guard who would start on most NBA rosters.

Fact: The Bulls did not have Derrick Rose or Carlos Boozer in the lineup tonight.

Fact: I watched Platoon before the Bulls game this evening.

"Not this year!" "Rent-A-Cops, I hate Rent-A-Cops."

On this Chicago Bulls journalism Mecca, I have often said that when it comes down to it all, sports are nothing more than entertainment. Thus, the game opened with Charlie Sheen newly introduced to the middle of the Vietnam Conflict. He is in a platoon lead by an ugly Sergeant Tom Berenger and an even uglier Sergeant Willem Dafoe. Oliver Stone directed the affair, so there was not any drama, nor blatantly obvious Jesus-crucifixion symbolism. It was pleasant romp, complete with the creepiest of Dafoe smiles (quite the statement, I know), Tom Berenger scars that would make George Karl jealous, that guy who says things like “bub” and “pal,” and the very best supporting actor of the 80s and 90s, Keith David.

Holy Mary, Mother of God, the Bulls are in this thing in the fourth?! A quick wrap-up of the first bunch of this game: putrid basketball. The Bulls started this game without a pulse and the Nuggets decided that this was an opportunity to go up by more than a fortnight worth of points. After gaining said lead, the Nuggets took time off of the offensive side. Taj

"Shut up! Shut up and take the pain! Take the pain!"

Gibson left the game and added to the Bulls woes. During this point, the Bulls did not shoot entirely too well to begin with, but managed to get back into nonetheless. CJ Watson filled in more than admirably, shooting 50% from the field and ending up with 33 points. Yet, in the end, Tom Thibodeau had today’s signing, John Lucas III (who was presumably eating Cheetos on his couch when getting the call this morning to join the Chicago Bulls and play a professional f’n basketball game), on the court with the Bulls up by one with the ball and no shot clock. As luck would have it, John Lucas III would be the player to be fouled and go to the line with 12 seconds to go. He would not waste any time missing both free throws. Denver got the ball into Carmelo Anthony’s hands and he missed, but the ball went out to the Nuggets with four f’n seconds left. Melo got another go at it and knocked it down with 0.0 left on the clock.

Fact: The Bulls played without Derrick Rose, Carlos Boozer, and Taj Gibson played only 11 minutes.

Fact: Despite these casualties, the Bulls should have won this game.

Fact: I am going to pound some Captain ‘n cider and sleep in a very cold house.

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One Response to Game #14: Chicago Bulls 97 – Denver Nuggets 98

  1. kansasslick says:

    Dear Nothing But Bulljive,
    Your comments about the actors in Platoon and the director are so misplaced and without reason that I am, myself, stupified. The movie is a set of character studies set in the middle of a very realistic battleground. I can only imagine what your definition of drama is: something like the action of giant bump’em cars…. bump, bump, bump, WHOW!

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