Game #13: Chicago Bulls 123 – Phoenix Suns 115

Drink: plenty of pregame red wine & US Airways Center beer

I cannot even start to recollect how this one went down. The Bulls were down by twenty shortly after the opening jump, which is hard to do even if you are trying to throw the game. And then James Johnson (who was not played in the last half dozen games) hit the floor with the majority of the contest left, and you figured Thibodeau was throwing in the towel. Add to it that former Bull, Hakim Warrick had 20+ points in the first f’n quarter, and there was no hope for the human race. Yet, the Bulls kept in there like a little kitten hanging by a high bar (for unknown reasons [seriously, what kind of scenario finds a kitten in such a position?]).

The second half opened with the Bulls down by 12. By quickly going to business, they seemed to have momentum in their hand. Then all of it was lost when the Suns took back over. At this point, as a fan, you felt like there was no point and they would never come back.

Then, somehow, the Bulls pushed it to overtime. I have no explanation for this. Other than the Bulls taking way too many jumpers and missing them (a recipe for a guaranteed loss), I cannot point to any reason why the Bulls were even in this.

You cannot beat this defensive strategy. There is no answer.

Overtime went like this: quick lead, missed jumpers, last second (literally) layup, second overtime.  To note: The backdoor cut by Rose for the last second lay-up via a sweet Noah pass was impressive.  But this happened while the Suns had a foul to give and could have gummed the whole play up to leave the Bulls with little time on the clock if they didn’t Del Negro the situation.

Second overtime went like this: quick lead, missed jumpers, more Suns’ missed shots, the Bulls win.

None of this game made sense, but the Bulls won, and that is awesome. The Bulls took way too many jumpers against a team that has a nonexistent front court. I have no clue why a team with slashing players like Rose and Deng, settled for so many jumpers.

But, hey, win = cool, go with it.

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Just another hard working member of the press, covering the Chicago Bulls and nonsense - often both, simultaneously.
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