And Another Thing…

Drink of choice: Whatever I feel like, people……

I was directed in this post to give a rant, and rant I will, at Judas Pato’s request.  The subject prompt was the Suns Mascot, the Gorilla.  He asked for this, not me. Here we go.

The spelling seems about right, you dirty ape!

Dunking Gorilla my ass….. You know why the gorilla is not playing basketball? I’ll tell you why. We are the tool makers, and they are the nothings. Every time we pick up a basket ball and shoot it into a net that we constructed, we tell the greater apes “that’s who I am, and you’re nothing” that’s right, the Suns feel okay forcing a non tax-paying gorilla to dunk at their own expense.

We, the Bulls, take a larger view and force the Ungulates to do our bidding, which is much more acceptable from a moral standpoint.

The Suns will never win an NBA championship until they release their gorilla from it’s shackles to properly sling shit and dunk like a good primate. And don’t touch those tools ape.

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