Game #12: Chicago Bulls 91 – LA Lakers 98

The Bulls took on the mighty Lakers tonight in LA to continue their “Circus Trip” that everyone is all abuzz about these days. The Lakers, along with the Celtics, seem to be the unanimous boot-in-LeBrons-face pick to win the NBA Championship this year, and I was hoping for a sweet win on the road going into Phoenix thinking the Lakers couldn’t be anywhere near as good as the media claims. They kind of are though.

Rose is making a habit of looking like the best player on the floor at all times this year, and he was the highlight for all Bulls fans watching this one. Otherwise

The Bulls kept it consistently close for three quarters and some change in completely vanilla fashion. Shannon Brown doused out all the Bulls fires that were likely to give them any real momentum, and the Lakers bench was fantastic, Matt Barnes even took time off from peddling crack to pre-schoolers to get in on the act, he hit some wonderful threes that really hurt the Bulls tonight. In an interview after the game Barnes did say he was going straight to the tattoo parlor to jam some more ink on his throat to celebrate. Good for him.

Watching the Lakers get the best of the Bulls with Kobe’s cruise control set 20mph below the speed limit was absolutely depressing to say the least. Happy Thanksgiving NBA fans, because apparently Kobe is saving himself for a special upcoming performance.

Despite weathering a woeful bench performance through three and looking ready to erupt, the Bulls pretty much brought out the white flag in the fourth quarter. You really did feel that this was a game the Bulls could have had, I just have to doubt the Lakers bench is that good. I present a solution however to the Bulls problems. It came to me during one of the many breaks on the NBA Channel. A rogue reporter somehow uncovered some unbelievable news. Karl Malone, the Mailman himself, indeed will be returning to the NBA. Not only is he returning, but thanks to a brand new shoe from “Sketchers” called, “Shape Ups” he claims to be in the best shape of his life, and ready to make a run at Kareem’s all time scoring title upon his return. This obviously poses the question “WHY ISN’T DERRICK ROSE WEARING THESE INCREDIBLE NEW SHOES???”  Who is John Galt?

NB will be in attendance at the Bulls Suns game tomorrow night. So expect content!

Oh and enjoy the Circus kiddo’s, it’s costing the Bulls your weight in catalytic converters and I hate you all.

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