Texas, DEAD!

Years ago, my brother introduced to a tradition of sorts while on a multi-state road trip. It is simple and nice. After leaving a state, you say that state’s name, then shout, “Dead!” because it is all about the destination and not the journey. Thus, “Texas: DEAD!”

"Put that coffee down!"

The Bulls played a closely contested game on Friday night, eventually finishing off the Dallas Mavericks in their best win of the first eleven games of the season. This gives the Bulls a season record of 2-1 in Texas this season. More importantly, the Bulls now to not have to set foot back into that miserable state again this season (unless they play against a Texas team in the finals).

A 2-1 start to the Circus Road Trip is quite lovely, but the majority of this pain is still in front of them. The Bulls will be very rested going to play the Lakers tomorrow night in LA. After that game, the Bulls will pack up and travel to Phoenix to take on the Suns the following night. The Lakers are probably the best team in the NBA. Therefore, it is not inconceivable that the Bulls can find themselves trailing in the second half of tomorrow’s contest. If this is the case it will be interesting to see if Tom Thibodeau yanks the starters, preferring to give them rest for Wednesday’s visit to a very beatable Suns team. With their recent streak of not showing up in the third quarter, it is likely we may see this decision come into play.

After the aforementioned back-to-back, the Bulls finish off this punishment with another back-to-back involving the Denver Nuggets, followed by the Sacramento Kings. There is a reason this is a dreaded trip every year since Jordan left. A 2-1 start to it may sound pleasant, but there is plenty more pain on the horizon.

And for no reason, other than it is hypnotically glorious, the recently defeated Jason Kidd doing a Talking Heads’ classic: 

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