Game #11: Chicago Bulls 88 – Dallas Mavericks 83

Drink: Blackberry brandy and soda

The game started off with the Bulls up seven to three, an odd way to start the game. The Bulls went on to go up by twenty… if they were able to hit open shots. Instead, the quarter ended with a closely contested battle. To be fair, early on, both teams rested their marksmen for this one.

The second quarter opened up with a BOOM! The Bulls played some fluid offense and were up by 11 going into a Dallas timeout. Then Dallas came out a made a run. Then the Bulls called a timeout and made a run coming out of that one. A pattern was a brewing as Dallas called a timeout. The half ended with the Bulls up 39-35, by the same four points that started the game.

The Bulls came out of the half inspired by their San Antonio third quarter implosion.  For the second straight third quarter the Bulls forgot all aspects of the game. After many palm to the forehead moments, the Bulls bounced back and finished down by three going into the final quarter. Much of this was lead by Rose, who Nowitzki tried to end by clocking him in the nose. Yet, Rose turned into Lou Ferrigno.

"You would not like me if I was angry."

The fourth quarter was an all out battle and the most entertaining quarter I have watched this young season. Derrick Rose refused to lose this game. He tirelessly drove to the basket and distributed the ball or chose to finished strong to the rim. The Bulls came back and gathered a small lead that they held onto, to win 88-83.

How do you not hit shots and still win the game? You out rebound the opposition by 15 boards. Taj Gibson (7-12 for the field, after a two-game shooting disaster) and Joakim Noah combined for 35 rebounds.

Rose should have had many more assists tonight than he ended up with. Over the last two games, Rose has hit many ‘o Bulls with open shots and they promptly missed said open shot. The only reason I even address this is that critics of Rose often point out the lack of assists he picks up. Sure, Rose does not have the court vision that Deron Williams has. Yet, Rose certainly does not have the shooters Rajon Rondo has at his disposal.

But forget all of this garbage! The Bulls pulled out a lovely win on their most difficult trip of the season, against a high quality opponent. This brings the trip to 2-1, a winning record. Let’s head further west and teach those upstart Lakers a lesson. Who’s with me?!

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