No Bulljive “Mixtape” – Open For Business

Bulls fans unite! The first “official” No Bulljive mixtape has been put through the cleaners and is ready to shake your ass through Bulls games for a good time to come, maybe even a month. I know right off the bat what you’re thinking, it’s “But DJHatesYou, I don’t even like house or techno music!” First of all, fuck off for being so presumptuous. And first of all, this not house or techno, it No Bulljive, and first of all beyond that, DJHatesYou has range. Some of the classics in this collection have been shaking NB walls for years, even decades and should be widely accesible, as it encompasses all the emotions of a No Bulljive game experience. Another first of all, it is not mix heavy and consist of four quarters and a 15 minute halftime. And finally first of all, you don’t know the rule.

Click here to go to send space and download this thing (click Regular Download, then the orange Download button at the bottom – the other junk are ads), below is a tracklist and whathaveyou. Please enjoy.

(quick note: On Send Space, scroll to the bottom for BullTape.mp3 , there’s a lot of bs ads at the top of the page)

Coming Soon: Mixtape Part 2(House) & Mixtape Part 3(Techno)

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2 Responses to No Bulljive “Mixtape” – Open For Business

  1. sirbriang2 says:

    Great. Now I’m going to have D’Onofrio dreams.

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