Game #9: Chicago Bulls 95 – Houston Rockets 92

Drink: Francis Coppola Blue Label Merlot

It was white light, strange city, and music was all around as the Chicago Bulls brought their game to road. First up on the docket, the Houston Rockets.

The first quarter started out a bit slow due to some good defense. Houston is not a team known for their D, yet the Bulls really struggled to find an open shot. Derrick Rose proved even further that refs hate him by not getting a call, this time on the defensive end. Luis Scola drove to the hoop, Rose set his feet and was clearly in front of the arc below the basket, yet the ref hit Rose with the block after he was bounced off the court. For those of you keeping score at home, add to the plethora of non-calls Rose attracts, a horrendous blocking foul. The Bulls ended the quarter down by seven.

"I'll be your satellite of love!"

Then the horn (second quarter buzzer) sounded and the call went out, “Enter, Unit: DJ Trainwreck!” But, what’s this?! UDJTW goes on a 10-0 run to claim the lead, one that the Bulls would eventually turn into an eight point halftime advantage?! Yes, my friends, UDJTW did well tonight. However, we must also give credit where credit is due, Houston’s version of UDJTW was an even trainwrecker-er of a unit. They are still tallying the exact number, but Houston’s UDJTW committed 82 turnovers at last count.

The third quarter was hard to watch, the center of the dark, if you will. The Bulls came out with no energy, and less offense. Then Rose picked up his third and fourth fouls with six and change left on the clock, resulting in some bench time. The quarter ended with the Rockets reversing an eight point halftime deficit to an eight point advantage.

The horn sounded to start the fourth and a modified Unit: DJ Trainwreck took the court. Starters Rose and Deng were joined by (soon-to-be starter) Ronnie Brewer, Kyle Korver, and Omer Asik. Rose sat the last six minutes of the third and came onto the court in the fourth on a mission. He was Sgt. Pepper and the rest were the band, playing spotlight magnetic razor rhythm laser love defense all over the place. This UDJTW 2.0 took over all momentum with a 15-0 run to start the quarter. The rest of the game was a battle, with the Bulls standing on the top of the podium in the end.

The Bulls pulled out a key road win to open up the Circus Road Trip. With that said, they made this victory much harder than it needed to be. The Bulls logged 19 turnovers and shot barely over 50% from the charity stripe. They also played with varying energy and defensive intensity. With Boozer out, the Bulls can hardly afford to lack energy on the floor. Joakim Noah (aka Energy in a Can) seemed particularly disinterested in this one.

But, hold the phone. This is entertainment and Noah picked up his lackluster play before he ever hit the court. Talking about playing former teammate and close friend, Brad Miller, Noah offered, “It’s going to be tough. I never knew that I could have a redneck as a best friend. Brad is probably my best friend in the league. Somebody I learned a lot from. And I miss that Duck.” A preemptive entertainment strike to his subpar play, you have to love Noah.

As much as it hurts me to admit it, this one was won by Derrick Rose’s 33 (3-4 three pointers) points and 7 assists Unit: DJ Trainwreck and its 2.0 counterpart. The two major runs the Bulls had in this game came when these lineups were on the floor. And with that we give you three Reagans!

Guitar! Drums! Light up! We gonna fly!

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