The Circus is here! The Circus is here!

The Bulls are over there! The Bulls are over there!

Hear ye, fans of thee damned, ye Bulls be traveling the trail o’ the trail o’ the heathens o’ the cursed grounds of thee banished. Yup, yup, the Circus Road Trip is nigh! Tonight kicks off the most notorious trip that has laid waste to past Bulls teams. Let us take a gander at what we can expect with this new era of trips spurned by clowns, elephants, and gymnast rejects.

This year’s trip starts off on a sweet and sour note. Tradition dictates that the bad news comes first. Therefore, the good news is that the Bulls enter the trip on a three game winning streak. They beat teams with diminishing value over the last three, to build confidence going into Houston. In addition to their roll, the Bulls will avoid Yoa Ming, as they visit the Rockets during one of Ming’s mandatory healing periods (read: the ogre is perpetually injured). Tonight’s game should be a penciled-in W for your Chicago Bulls.

On the not so sweet note, we take a look at the shooting guard position for the Bulls, a position that has been less than convincing. So much so that ideas of upgrading this position through trade took all of eight games to run amuck. That is why that news of Kyle Korver (aka their most effective offensive shooting guard) getting an MRI on Monday and not traveling to Houston, is not very encouraging. There was not one single moment in Saturday’s game (where Korver picked up the knock) where it looked like Korver twisted up his knee, so hopefully it is nothing major and the three point specialist will be back in a game or two.

The Rockets are favored tonight by a point and a half. This number seems to be created only by the history of Circus Road Trips of yore. I expect the Bulls to have confidence and understand the importance of starting this thing off with a BOOM!

UPDATEVILLE! Kyle Korver has made it out to Houston and is now a gametime decision. Said the wily shooting guard, “I had an MRI and a bone scan [Monday], and they said it was a bone bruise and the fatty pad under your kneecap got bruised.  I’m just waiting for that to heal a little bit. I’m going to try closeouts drills today, see how that feels and if it’s all right, I’m going to try and go. We’ll see.” That last two-word sentence makes it sound as if someone just asked him if he wanted to go grab some ice cream after the game. Kyle is amped!

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Just another hard working member of the press, covering the Chicago Bulls and nonsense - often both, simultaneously.
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One Response to The Circus is here! The Circus is here!

  1. joelseppi says:

    The Cir-cooze Trip has started off with a tricked out win that the boys deserved. Kyle Korver is brave to pull up his strange black tights in the name of victory and three ringed attraction. Hooray says me!

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