Game #8: Washington Wizards 96 – Chicago Bulls 103

Drink: Côte Rôtie Red Wine

Omer Asik, about to blow his burp in Andray Blatche's face

This one started ugly and never got too pretty. The Bulls started out shooting woefully and found themselves down to the Wiz after the first quarter. Even Rose’s signature finishing around the basket was not dropping. However, being the Wiz, the Bulls found themselves up by eight at the half. Most of the credit here goes to their defense, even with a wild Wiz team that does not seem to care for much of an offensive game plan.

The third quarter went well for the Bulls and it looked like they were headed for a blowout with a 14 point lead at the end of three. Yet, the Wiz hung in there mainly backed by Gilbert Anrenas (who went a disgusting 7-10 beyond the arc). In the end, the Bulls held off the Wiz’s attempt to make a late surge and won a graceless game. Fans were happy too, as the Bulls clinched the free Big Mac (that was not looking likely) late in this one with a Joakim Noah free throw.

The Bulls looked flat in this one, possibly looking toward the dreaded Circus Road Trip that kicks off Tuesday night. Energy seemed to be low and Bulls were out rebounded (albeit by one) for the first time this season. In addition, with John Wall missing a large stretch of the game with a ankle injury, the Wiz where about as entertaining as the Whizzer.

Despite the lack of flare or creativity, it was still a win, and one that continues their winning streak. The Circus Road Trip has been murder ever since Jordan left. Getting this victory and kicking off the trip with a very winnable game in Houston may buck this trend. The team has looked defeated before taking the court on past Circus Road Trips. Let’s see what a little confidence can do kicking off the 2010 edition.


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