Game #7: Golden State Warriors 90 – Chicago Bulls 120

Drink: Distilled Water 

The Warriors came into the UC on the second half of a road back-to-back, and boy did it show. Golden State hung with the Bulls for the opening minute or three. Then the Bulls got it going, and I mean damn-near the whole team. The starters dominated with steals, fast breaks, and dunks. The reserves filtered in and kept opening up the lead. Give credit to the Bulls’ game plan going into this one. They knew that the Warriors would be tired; so the Bulls attacked the ball, forcing turnovers and running all over them. Stormin’ Norman would have been proud for the Doberman D. Can you dig it?! Maybe the Bulls had a chip on their shoulder with the circus coming to town, and decided to put on a show of their own. Can you dig it?! Regardless the reason, the Bulls found themselves with a whopping 66-38 lead after the half. Can you dig it?!

Thinking he is playing the Cubs in the 1932 Series, Noah calls his shot.

The second quarter began with more of the same. Can you dig it?! Then halfway through the third, the Warriors started to use a three-two zone that befuddled the Bulls. Two factors played into the hands of the Bulls. First, the Bulls were flirting with a 40 point lead at the time. Second, the Warriors could not make a bucket at the other end. Yet, the lack of being able to breakdown the zone (with mainly starters in the game) is a bit worrisome. Hopefully other teams were not watching. The fourth quarter turned into garbage time before too long. Can you sit through it?! (I did.)

I wish I could say that this game was the product of the Bulls laying a beatdown against a quality opponent. But, facts is facts, and Golden State was playing their fourth game in five days, including the aforementioned road back-to-back. The Warriors are a quality opponent, just not tonight.

With that said, credit needs to be given to a game plan being perfectly executed. The Bulls attacked Golden State from the jump and did not let their collective boot from the Warriors’ throat until the game was labeled a blowout, with fans excited about their free Big Mac. And for a great game plan, executed with the pizzazz of steals and dunks, you get three Reagans!

On the other side, the Warriors did not come out to play-yay. 

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Just another hard working member of the press, covering the Chicago Bulls and nonsense - often both, simultaneously.
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2 Responses to Game #7: Golden State Warriors 90 – Chicago Bulls 120

  1. djhatesyou says:

    Riffs! Yeah! And that dude! We had to put some fear in that lady!

    That Bulls game kicked ass, Asik’s dunks were magical against that tremendous Golden State D.

  2. Judas Pato says:

    How about it? On one of them, Asik broke down three defenders and drove it home. (Please read that sentence again and realize it actually happened)

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