Note Bulljive

We’re all living in America, Coca-Cola, Wonderbra, We’re all living in America, Amerika, Amerika…

  • "Back-to-back? Nie!"

    The Bulls will look to win tomorrow, and if they do, that’s called a “winning streak.” That would be very Rammstein of them. Yet, they have no push-over in the Golden State Warriors. The Warriors want to come out to play-yay. Thus far, they have done just that, starting the season 5-2. Their last victory came this very night, beating the Knickerbockers in Madison Square Garden. That means that tomorrow’s attempt to stop the Bulls from Rammsteining will be the second half of a road back-to-back for them, a difficult situation. This is a game that the Bulls should definitely Rammstein and move from .500 to a winning record. With a win tomorrow, a three game winning streak going into the Circus Road Trip is likely as the Bulls will be expected to Rammstein over Washington on Saturday at the UC.

  • "Turf toe das jämmerlich!"

    Derrick Rose admitted yesterday that he has been dealing with turf for some time. Rose believes that while he was Rammsteining against the Cleveland Cavaliers on a hardwood court during last year’s playoffs, he picked up turf toe… on a hardwood court. Regardless, Rose seems content with it, saying, “It’s there forever now,” as he gazed off into the distance, daydreaming about how he will Rammstein opposing defenses, turf toe or not. Seeing as how he has been dealing with this injury and has not looked a step slower, I am not sure what to make of this… other than, Rammstein!

  • The Bulls’ turnover problem from the preseason has continued into the regular season, with Chicago averaging almost 17 turnovers a game. This number is so not Rammstein. For a team playing without one of their top scorers, the Bulls love to make too many careless passes into obvious passing lanes and throw bounce passes at player’s feet. The Bulls need to get their heads together and Rammstein it up. They are playing undisciplined when the ball is in their hands, and this is not an option for an offensively retarded team.
  • "Ronnie Brewer, über alles!"

    Ronnie Brewer has been getting his Rammstein on and probably deserves to get the starting nod over Keith Bogans, as was the original plan when he was acquired. Brewer picked up a minor knock in the preseason and struggled with his form in the early going. However, each game he has gotten more and more Rammstein and looks ready to take over as the starting shooting guard. Brewer is known for his d, and if he has his legs back under him, I do not think anyone is going to miss the 4.3 points per game Rammstein that Bogans has been providing.

Wynn Casino odds for the Chicago Bulls to win the 2011 NBA Championship: 9-1

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One Response to Note Bulljive

  1. joelseppi says:

    This is not a love song, but I agree that Brewer should start. The Bulls systematically destroyed the termite and roach that was the Warriors with a very Heirate Mich spirit. I enjoyed the note very much.

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