Guess Who’s Coming to Basketball?

I wish it was a wide-eyed Katherine Houghton bringing Sidney Poitier. Ah, the thought of Rose going one-on-one against Sidney is a welcomed thought. Instead, Mr. Melo Thony is coming to the UC tomorrow night, 7PM CST, CSCH. He brings with him an immeasurable amount of trade speculation (which includes your Chicago Bulls) and the rest of the Denver Nuggets, who are trying to improve on their 3-2 record. Expect a metric ton of fore-sighted analysis about trade scenarios coming from anyone who is willing to open their mouth.

If you have not read the latest Bulls gossip columns, here is the scoop: Carmelo Anthony once dated a Chicago politician’s daughter, who once flirted with a Bulls exec, who had a property in the West Loop, that once was kinda seeing this other property in Wicker Park, that has a kid living with a dog, whose name is Carmine. Get it? Me either. Bottom line is that everyone, from you best friend to your best friend’s grandma’s best friend, Esther, has a theory on Melo and where he will end up. If that person lives in Chicago, then Melo is probably landing in Chicago. In truth, he is, but maybe not in the sense some would hope.

Melo and the rest of the Nuggets will play the Bulls, who are coming off back-to-back losses (Remember when “back-to-back” referred to titles?). It is a big game for the Bulls. Chicago started 2-1, before dropping two in a row. Now they host a talented Denver team, before hosting Golden State and the Wiz. After that, the Bulls head on out to the ridiculously daunting Circus Road Trip. (FYI: Circus Road Trip = Losses)

Ergo, some momentum in these next three home games would bode very well for the suicide mission they are about to endure on the road. On the plus side, the Bulls will be battling an aged and hampered team in the Denver Nuggets. By pressing their impressive transition offense, the Bulls could wear down the Nuggets – who may be without center Nene Hilario, and definitely without Keyon Martin and Chris Andersen (both recovering from offseason surgeries). Yet, the Nuggets are hardly a “give me” win. You do not accidently average 50+ wins over the last three seasons in the NBA. Denver will be bringing its experience to Chicago. The Bulls cannot afford to answer with their current trend of turnovers and Unit: DJ TrainWreck against the Nuggets. It is not an enigma as to why the Bulls do not have a winning record. The shortcomings are clear and need to be fixed.

Game Watch: Expect Noah’s and Melo’s stats to be compared directly. Hence, if Noah (BTW: 16.2 points & 14.2 rebounds per game this season) has a bad line and Melo has a great line, the conclusion will be that the Bulls should obviously package Noah for Melo, post haste. If the opposite stat lines go down, we can then surmise that Noah is detrimental to future of the Bulls franchise and any trade is unthinkable. It is simple arithmetic!

Boozer Watch: Chicago Bulls reporter Sam Smith is speculating that Carlos Bozer will make his gallant return on the first game back from the Circus Road Trip, December 1st vs. Orlando.

Who Wrote This %$#&ing Schedule Watch: The Bulls return from their always grueling November road trip as such: vs Magic, at Celts, vs Rockets, vs Thunder (Pow!), at Cavaliers, vs Lakers. Thanks, NBA. Presumably, they wrote this while thinking that LeBron would be staying in Cleveland.

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