Game #5: Chicago Bulls 105 – Boston Celtics 110

Drink: Little Penguin Pinot Noir

Long before tip-off, I found myself tired of hearing that a certain coach of a certain Chicago team once was a coach on a certain Boston team. I knew that the stories and references would only keep coming as the game started. So I popped open my wine a half hour prior to the game and got to work (Judas Doin’ Work, if you will).

The first quarter went well for the Bulls. It was not the prettiest quarter for either team, but the Bulls found themselves up 23-19 through a team effort when it ended. Up by four against the reigning Eastern Conference champs at the end of the first quarter is very respectable…

Deep breath… release… then started the second quarter. The standard Thibs crap unit came out for the second, with Noah surrounded by players like Dickie Simpkins and Jud Buechler. The Bulls, understandably, looked lost and the rhythm they established in the first quarter was taken over by Unit: DJ TrainWreck. The starters filtered back in, but it took some time to regain composure and the Bulls were down 49-38 at the half. Noah had some deserved words for one of the refs after the buzzer sounded and received a technical for his sins.

The third quarter saw the Bulls play their starters from Boston’s openimg technical free throw through Rose’s half court heave at the buzzer. The Bulls played tough and ended up cutting three points off the Celtics lead, once again through a team effort.

The fourth saw the Bulls battle and grind, equaling the Celts score to force overtime. This quarter had some surprising play by CJ Watson (in to give Rose a breather). Yet, as good as the comeback was, the Bulls had the ball for the last possession with the score tied. There was just under 24 seconds on the clock, and the Bulls did not get off a shot. Rose held the ball around half court for most of the time, waived off Noah when he came up for a pick, then ran into the lane, lost the ball, and no shot was taken. Its was a disaster.

OT started up with the Celts taking the lead and the Bulls always playing catch-up. At one point Kevin Garnett flashed his left tit because he is a bitch, and that was all she wrote.

There are two trends that defined this game. I will list them as such: Disturbing Trend: Whips & Cuffs and Disturbing Trend: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.

Disturbing Trend: Whips & Cuffs – Mr. Thibodeau may look like an ordinary Joe with his thinning hair and used car salesman’s good looks, but a deeper, darker truth lies underneath. He has a fetish for playing a lineup that lacks any sense or sensibility. Unit: DJ TrainWreck has featured (in some form or another) in each of the first five games, during the second quarter. Other than Game #3, this lineup has lost any beat the Bulls have had going for themselves and the rest of the game turns into an uphill battle. After tonight’s difficult loss, the Bulls will have two days off before they see Melo’s Nuggets. In this time, I very much hope that Thibs comes up with an alternative to the second quarter wholesale.

Disturbing Trend: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot – Until the unforeseen future, this team is not going to get calls. Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah, and Luol Deng are all around that fine line of stardom. They all share one characteristic: they do not get any #%&*ing calls. Rose and Deng both have finesse games, so it is somewhat understandable that they do not get calls. Noah, however, plays tough and gets in player’s faces, yet he does not get calls. The only angle I can guess with Noah is that most refs are born and raised in Cleveland. My big hope here is that when Boozer comes back, the Bulls start looking legit and start getting calls. Hope.

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Just another hard working member of the press, covering the Chicago Bulls and nonsense - often both, simultaneously.
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